X-Ray Vision

No I don’t have, but if I did I’d like to see them from their past, who they were, their personality, attitude. Or seeing what they’re thinking in the moment. And how their going to react. I know my husband doesn’t understand my illness, and he thinks my son and I never get along, but we’ve an incredible bond in all my pics all you see are my son and I, maybe my husband at holidays. We’ve had not one family pic since he was 10 months old. I feel alone like an only parent. Any advice?

Worn Out

I feel like I’ve been running all week to the dr, to the store, to my mom’s, to my aunt’s (which her father-in-law is in his final days/hours please pray for their family), went to the library. It’s not the places I went that’s worn me out it’s the driving mostly back roads and scenic but driving about 100 miles a day or week drains you physically and mentally thank you Lord for the weekend!

Daily Prompt- Symptom 

I have this consistent “symptom” that won’t go away. I know no one is medically inclined to give advice unless you’re a doctor. Anyways this symptom is constant pain under my left boob no bumps just pain, no reflux, and my chest gets tight. My dr. always says anxiety so they pump your blood with more pills. I’ve had every heart test done in the last 3 years. I’ve been told in my drs office I was tachycardia my heartrate was so fast they did an EKG in the office. I don’t know I don’t ever want to leave the house, I don’t know to reask my doctor to see the cardiologist or ride it out. Any ideas or suggestions?

Very Busy Day

First, me and 7am and I are not best friends. I’ve to dress and feed the beast lol. Take him to Mimis(my mom’s) so I can go to a meeting at the library on the other side of town which could take 1-2 hours. Then either go to my aunt’s or she comes to my mom’s to help me fill out legal paperwork. Spend sometime w her my mom( they’re sisters) my son and my nephew. Before coming home n doing dishes and what not to settle in the day. Have a good day all!