Dear Neighbor

Why? Everyday starting around 8am and going late into the night do you constantly do something to your house? There’s hammering, drilling, sanding, sawing, you name it they’ve done it. We hear it because our lots are 20 ft from eachother we can hear everything they say and smell every cigarette they smoke,YUCK! The sound doubles when you have a migraine. Dear Son, stop screaming the neighbors don’t want to hear you and neither do I, I love you dearly but the tantrums need to stop! 

Successful Day

A friend came over to help me today. She did dishes I cleaned up my kitchen floor crap, so I’ve a kitchen again. All the kids cleaned up the living room, I can see that floor and we got 4-5 loads of laundry washed and folded and put away. My moto is if you can do something 20 mins a day on one room in your house you’ve accomplished something! It’s going to be a warm weekend here lots of walking here!!!

Enjoy your weekend all!

Valentine’s Day

On the day of love and chocolate and romance. Oh I wish I had to go out all dressed up in a fancy dress, car door opened for me, chair pulled out for me and a glass of champagne, nice candle lite dinner. Just a fantasy for me. I don’t even get flowers n chocolate. Tomorrow I’ll ne sitting at my son’s pre op surgeons office appt. most of the evening drinking water or a vending machine pop lol.

Invisible Disease plus hurt feelings

It hurts when you have a concussion and you’re laid up for a month or so then you get back to semi-normal but your body still hurts from the accident so you lay on the couch you’re more depressed you don’t eat you loose a lot of weight which makes you even weaker.

I can’t do dishes I can’t do laundry I sleep a lot which is sad. But then when you talk to your spouse he argures you need to push yourself more not rely on doctors and medicine to heal me he says ” like the dr said if you can find something I love and makes me happy I’ll need less medicine.” I said “I know one I can’t afford (🐎) and the other one he stops me from having n I said I can train it and he says train it to pee where in the toilet? In a certain spot in the house?” After that I just said I’m done talking no one has any faith in me I just need to get my strength back. Come on Spring! Tonight will be a no eatting and crying myself to sleep night. 

Good Weekend All!

January 12 2010

I remember I worked that morning, then on the way home I stopped and taught my student her piano lesson. That time my husband and I had been married 8 months, I was driving a Ford Explorer. Anyways left the lesson and headed home and picked up pizza, roads were clear, fair traffic driving a long.

And I see a car coming right at me so I swirved to the right to avoid her otherwise she would hit me head on, but she still hit me, she spun me 180° took my driver’s mirror off took my whole left side off, deployed my airbag,and left me in the middle of two lanes, I gunned it to the other side while calling 911. 

My husband texted me and said “door open” back when texting was legal, so when I didn’t respond he knew something was wrong. I took the ambulance to the hospital by the time I got there I was so confused. I called my boss the next day said I didn’t know when I’d be back with PT and trauma insurance totalled my vehicle I was sad to see it go 😞. I couldn’t drive by the accident scene for two weeeks unttil my husband was driving and made us go past it. Now I drive all the time sometimes goes through my mind mostly not. Just a memory. Oh yes she hit 3 other cars as well. Her insurance was going up! 😀


Okay y’all know I had my concussion in November and was released beginning of Jan to resume work and driving. 

Today I seem to slur speech, fall, in a funk, tired. I know they say you can have 2nd episodes but is a month too early for new episodes? 

Anyone with a concussion understand this?