Day 24-26 ( oops behind)



Day 24) Difficult time in my life would be back in  2014, when I was real sick, and my husband, son, and I had to live with my in-laws for about 4 months. Then lived with my husbands grandma for a month, but for I could go back to our house.

Day 25) Best Physical Features would be my hair, smile, I maybe little but I’m very strong. Don’t under mistake a small girl/woman. I’ve handled big horses that want to pull you, but I hold on tight, and show them whose boss. I take no crap from anyone.

Day 26) Five Favorite Blogs:

  1. My Anxiety Blog
  2. Grandma Blog
  3. Famous in a Smalltown
  4. My Valentine’s Blog
  5. My first Blog

spike- Daily Prompt

via Daily Prompt: Spike

Spike, so things come to mind. One, I love when my son takes a bath, his hair is all wet getting out of the tube, and I spike his hair just for kicks, I want to send a pic. to my grandma-in-law which she doesn’t use her phone for that, so I’d have to go see, which we are soon! But Grandma hates when people spike their hair, but I don’t want to give the old lady a heart attack,lol.

Two, the word spike reminds me of playing volleyball at camp, and with the youth girls that I was their Bible Study leader. After classes we’d play volleyball at night, and the girls would spike the ball to the other team and visa versa.

Three, at prom we’d have to be careful that no one spiked the punch.

Day 22

My 10 fav songs:

I’m still a guy- Brad Paisley

He can’t bait a hook- Justin Moore

Soul on Fire- Third Day

Momentum- Toby Mac

Cinderella- Michael W Smith

Me and God- Josh Turner

Temperoary Home- Carrie Underwood 

Boot Scoot Boogy- Billy Ray Cyrus 

J Train- Toby Mac 

Butterfly Kisses- Bob Carlile 

Song Stuck to My Head

Miranda Lambert- Famous in A Smalltown

Reminds me of going to the Famous Smalltown, where my Aunt L lives, and where my Grandparents lived. Small town, big talk. I’m close with the kids I grew up down there with for the summers, I remember going down there for a sports camp, one girl braided my hair, we put make up on one of the male leaders, we sang Christmas Carols at a nursing home, for our “Christmas in July” themed camp. I remember moving G&G lawn. All the pups grandpa raised, bred his sheltie.

If we were late for church, every one looked at the front door, or side stairs to the sanctuary. Never knew anyone that went to jail down there. I don’t think they even have a jail for 100-200 people. Never once seen a cop car. The drive from my Aunt L’s to my G&G was maybe 5 mins, depending who was driving. Going to the dairy farm open fields, G&G W’s to G&G S’s is where we had dinner.

I can clearly remember the day I got the message from my boss told me my mom called, and I needed to go home for a family emergency. I knew I knew it was my Grandpa S, I had this bad feeling something happened to him, I cried the whole way home, about 30 mins, because he was sick and was recently at Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, when the tech asked if Gpa had had a heart attack because he had water around his heart, he replied no, he felt fine, but that my Gpa stubborn. Nothing bothered him, and never admitting pain. That morning we got the call, Gma called and said Gpa was up early in the morning to use the bathroom, when he returned to bed, he didn’t even make it back in bed, Gma, said wake up B, and no response just foamed mouth, sleeping soundly on the bed, but she knew he was gone to our Father in Heaven. Gpa was always the one you know you are always dragging him behind talking to strangers, not about anything, but sharing the Love of Christ and making sure they were saved, boy I wish I had his courageousness to do that.

Going on a missions trip is the only time I open up to strangers on the street, you heart is so fired up, but once we’re home, it tends to soften down. The missions trip I went on was in Tunica,MS. We slept in a camping based area, luckily we had bunk beds, running water and electricity. Not all mission trips do we get that. Our mission campus was in a bad neighborhood, I remember walking ministry day, and I walked with 2 of my best friends, tall, and scary looking men. Best bodyguards. We walked on one street where people were shooting up, and the guys didn’t want me to see it,and told me to cover my eyes to not let me see it. God, led us out of that situation to a park nearby where kids were playing basketball, we joined playing basketball, and the one boy took us to his house to talk to his dad,how wonderfully we got to witness to the dad and boy, and the dad even gave us waffles for breakfast. An amazing giving 3 white strangers into his home. This was a very bad area. In Mississippi they’ve richly white people side, and poor black people, so racist down there, why can’t we all get along? I’ve good friends that are black, I love this quote from Ducky from NCIS: “Black is just a color, we’re all red on the inside.” I have a brother half black/white, a brother whose half mexican/white, race doesn’t bother me, as long as you don’t hurt my family.

I love everyone! One day I want to do a missions trip in a foreign country to do medical aide. And one day to visit Jerusalem to walk where Jesus walked!

Day 20 & 21



20: Big 40! My son will be 13, oh  my a teenager, I thought 2’s were back

now a rebellious teenager, I don’t know. But I see myself, as a loving wife, comforting mother, living in a nice ranch, with horses, and acres of land so quiet, I can relax and walk in the deep words and talk to my Father. Married for 18 years to my husband/best friend til death do us part.

21: I miss riding with my best friend, but unfortunately, she moved 1,300 miles away. I miss my pony, her and I worked so well together, I never had to use my legs, she was very mouthed broke. I miss riding/running in the fields to release stress/anxiety. Or racing in the biggest pasture, or racing up hills. The good ol’ days! Oh when we were young!