Don’t Believe the Label!

Take off the labels!

Matthew Winters (Comeback Pastor)

In my blogging, I have had the privilege of getting to know a fellow blogger through telephone conversations. Our phone conversation today led me to this post. I encourage you to check out his blog at

In our discussion, we talked about how people are treated for physical, emotional, and psychological issues. Many “professionals” give them a label that they use as a crutch or it ends up becoming a stigma, and these people can never see past that label. They become a slave to a label placed on them by a man or woman…a label they allowed themselves to receive.

Then I began to think about labels in general. We go to the grocery store and see labels on what we buy. The truth is that we cannot trust the label. There are often ingredients that are not listed on the label. There are dates on the label…

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Sitting in line, okay standing in line for 15-20 mins is ridiculous! I’ve 5 things for my sister’s college graduation party cupcakes. 22 check out lanes and 6 self check outs only like 10 open,awesome!!! Happy Saturday All!!!

National Police Week!


I don’t know this police officer, but someone does, he’s someone’s son, father, husband, friend! Either way, respect him, and other first responders, they aren’t to harm you, but to protect you. Do they pull us over? Sure,why to protect us if we’ve a headlight out,so we can see at night when driving,so we can see other drivers and they can see us to avoid an accident. Speeding? Yes, to protect us from hurting other drivers or ourselves.

I wish there were officers who could pull over the drunk drivers before they kill others, is it the police? No, it’s the alchol in the drivers blood stream. The leagal alcohol point to drive is 0.008, if your level is 1 point higher you are legally drunk.

They are the first responders to a car accident, to help people out of their vehicals if they can, and keep them calm until the meds and firefighters get there. They’re there to defend you if it wasn’t your fault for the accident and take your report of what happened. I was hit by another car in 2010, who was the first on the scene? The police!! Did it help that she hit 4 other cars as well, and turned my vehicle 90 degrees and ended up missing 2 months of work from a fractured shoulder, that still hurts to this day, no? But they were there to ticket her, and get everyone’s statements from others in the accident and witnesses from the side.

They don’t use their guns to kill, they use them to protect themselves and their partners, and their K-9’s which is also their partners for life.

Let’s take a stand for our men and woman in all uniform not just today, everyday!

God Bless Them!

Dear Younger Me!

Dear Younger Me,

Where do I start? First I’d say look under your bed for old letters from your best friends. It’s hard to break up after your first boyfriend, who you wanted to marry, its pain and fast, you got so much going for you, he’s not worth it to be crying over to survive, hunny your “Knight in shining armor, ended up being alummin foil, you’ll find your Prince Charming will be wearing God’s Armour to protect you.

Have a little faith, and know the kids you grew up with won’t be there after 18, because you’re not too cool, to not be changing boyfriends everyday like underwear, too keep your self pure as long as you can, not drinking underage,or at all, no smoking, no kissing other girls, just be yourself its worth it! You’ll find better friends after marriage, doing bible studies with great Women Of God!

Each and everytime you have a fight, just assume your wrong and mom and dad are always right, because someday you’ll say/do exactly as they did, and still do. You’ve so much ahead you’ll have the best years in your life, when you find your spouse, who will love you through thick and thin. Thank Mr. Thompson for getting you out of your “comfort zone” without him you wouldn’t be so courageous and do “dangerous things” like riding crazy horses, going on a mission trip that you pray yourself to safety places. Talk to people you never know at parks, and take pics of strangers. Walk up to dogs you don’t even know, being bit by a dog at age 4, who bit through your skin and broke a vein in your arm, and being brave enough to have 18 stitches inside your arm to repair your vein and 4 big stitches on the outside of it.

When you get married mom will ask you if you want to remove the scar from your arm, and you say “No,because it has a story its been part of you for 18 years,why change now?” You will marry a uncondional loving man, through thick and thin. And have a beautiful child who yes, you will go through trials and tribulates but not fear God is with you even when you get diagnosed with mental illnesses, he’ll help you through the hard days.

Yes, you are going to loose your grandparents 6 years apart, and feel like you’re dying when grandpa dies,because you were so close to him, but remember the good days, when you’d spend the summer with him and grandma having the best times ever: feeding and playing with Patty’s puppies, naming the puppies (yes one of them I named Hercules, because he had a ‘H’ shaped on his forehead), having the “lawn mower lady”  stop over randomly, playing cards with grandma and grandpa(Skip-O and Uno) while watching Wheel of Fortune and lots of game shows. Letting you drive at 14 on the ole back gravel country roads. You make a great relationship between you and grandma when you’re 23, you call her every week or everyother week. She’s lonely now that Grandpa’s gone, she needs you. Now, she’s got cancer, and needs you even more than you know it.

She beats cancer,YES!!!! Cancer kiss this! She gets to meet her great-grandson when he’s 4 months, and will see him for another 14 months, at 18 months he’ll be kissing her in the hospital, and kissing her good-bye at her funeral, and still asks about her at 4 and you tell him everything about her. 4 years later you’re going to get the phone call that grandma is sick in the hospital and you tell your husband, it’s time to go see  her, no matter what, this could be the last at her age, we never know when we’re going to see our grandparents again, even if they’re released from the hospital, this time she won’t be coming home, in 16 days she’s going to be rejoicing and singing with Jesus and be reunited with Grandpa.

The days are short,remember to have fun,some days are long, but it’s always an hour or two ahead of time somewhere. Or hours ahead serving our country to protect our freedom and nation in hot weather wearing heavy gear, and hot clothes, along with their hot heavy boots, walking hours/days on end with no food, and not talking to family, or seeing family for months at a time, when you have the priviledge to do all these things in a day. Respect your elders, military, the law, others. Love people, no matter their situation/race/religion, show the love of Christ.

Your Older Self



Join Momma’s Party – May

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Mother’s Day classic: Why birth order matters

Too all the 1-3 children 4 children and more good luck!!!

bluebird of bitterness


1st baby: You start wearing maternity clothes as soon as you have a positive pregnancy test.

2nd baby: You wear your regular clothes for as long as you can squeeze into them.

3rd baby: Your maternity clothes ARE your regular clothes.


1st baby: You practice your breathing exercises religiously.

2nd baby: You don’t bother, because you learned the hard way that the breathing exercises don’t help.

3rd baby: You ask for an epidural in your eighth month.


1st baby: You pre-wash all the baby clothes, color-coordinate them, and fold and store them neatly.

2nd baby: You check to make sure that the clothes are clean and throw out only the ones with the worst stains.

3rd baby: A few boxes of disposable diapers and a small stack of hand-me-down t-shirts will do the trick.


1st baby: You spend a good bit of…

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This is where my dad works!


Please pray for these employees/employers and their families as some have lost their offices, thankful there weren’t many people in the building being it to lunch time. I praise God my father wasn’t in the building, as he was just returning from lunch, and saw all the firetrucks ambulances, and two news helicopters. Prayers and thanks go out to the first responders.

Dear Younger Sister

Dear Sister,

I know right now you’re in your rebelious stage of life, I was there too. But you’re hurting our family. Please don’t let your relationship with your boyfriend and moving out affect your relationship with your sisters, and our parents. I miss you, and I know what I did yesterday may’ve not been the brightest thing to do, but I did it out of love for you and our sister Liz on her day of gradution from college. Now she’s starting her new career in social working. And one day we all may not be living 15-30 mins from you.

When I was younger, that was what I wanted too,was to leave at 18 and get away from family, but I’m so glad I didn’t, yeah my relationship ended with the stupid boy, but you know I had our family to support me through thick and thin. We are always there for you and always be there for you no matter the choices you make. We love you and miss you very much. I hope some day you will see this, and start talking to us and seeing us, you’re really missing out on seeing your nephews grow up. One is about to start Pre School in August, the other will be 3 in Sept. I hope you come around to be there for them when they turn 3 and 5. You missed my birthday.

Mother’s Day is next Sunday, I hope you will see our mother and me on our special day. And the Sunday after is mom’s birthday, and I hope you will see her on her special day as well, and May 30th is the 3rd year anniversary of her mother being gone, I hope you understand we need you bad in the next couple weeks that you’d come around, with or without your boyfriend.

I love and miss you,

Your Older Wiser Sister



Listening to the radio yesterday they were talking about recharging our bodies and how we are so busy with life we forget to relax and let our bodies recharge. 

Recharging our bodies  helps gives us more energy, feel better physically and mentally. 

If we don’t recharge our bodies we get worn out stressed, overwhelmed, tired, makes us sick. Please relax, read a book, take a nap, watch tv/movies, and good nights sleep. 

We’re Home!

My lil man did great, no tears leaving mommy n daddy. Doctor said he did really well, and she got everything out to biopsy it, I hugged her she’s so awesome, I wouldn’t recommend anyone but her. He was a little tough when he came to, which is what the anesthesiologist said, they can be fighters, criers, and the clingy type, oh yeah when he woke he def flying hands, trying to get out of my lap, and wanting down. Ate a snack and drink while watching his cartoons was ready to go home about an hour after surgery. 


I won’t be blogging til Sunday, enjoy your weekend all. My son is having surgery tomorrow morning 9:30am Central Time to remove a cyst off his neck he’s had since birth. None cancerous but needs to be removed before kids start asking what it is. And how it got there. And now my son has been picking at it, bye bye extra cartilage no more! Or told by the doctors its a “gill” apparently we all had gills and his didn’t close. 

40 things about me

1Whats your philosophy in life?

Live like there’s no tomorrow, sing like no one’s around, dance in the rain

2. Whats the one thing you would like to change about yourself?

My teeth, one day

3. Are you religious or spiritual?


4. Do you consider yourself an introvert or extrovert? Both

5. Which parent are you closer to and why?

Both now, when I was a rebellious teen I wasn’t close to either one. I came closer to my mom after I had my son, and my Dad he’s always there to put me in my place!

6. What was the best phase in your life?

2003-2007 I was baptized in 2003, had my first bf for 2 years, ended on a good note.

2012- having my soon

2009- married my husband!

7. What was the worst phase in your life?

April 2007- lost my grandpa that I was closest to. 

May 2014- lost my grandma to ovarian cancer

8. Is what youre doing now what you always wanted to do growing up?

Kinda, I knew I wanted kids, maybe 2, but after 1 I’m done, lol. I wanted to be a nurse, but never went to college,graduated HS and went into the working world. Could’ve made my way up in Target. 

9. What makes you feel accomplished? 

Cleaning my house

10. Whats your favorite book/movie of all time and why did it speak to you so much?

Book: Priscilla Shirer bible studies, she’s so awesome! Movie: Miss Congeniality, I love Sandra Bullock she’s hilarious!

11. What is a relationship deal breaker for you?


12. Are you more into looks or brains?


13. Would you ever take back someone who cheated?


14. How do you feel about sharing your password with your partner?

My husband and I don’t share.

15. When do you think a person is ready for marriage?

When they are willing to be committed to their spouse/spouse only

16. What kind of parent do you think you will be?

Well too late, I’m already a good parent my worst would be when I was manic and didn’t know it. But after being treated for my bipolar I’m back to normalcy, what is normal? 

17. What would you do if your parents didnt like your partner?

They’ve always liked my boyfriends I only had 2 my ex-boyfriend and my husband

18. Who is that one person you can talk to about just anything?

My husband, my bffs

19. Do you usually stay friends with your exes?


20. Have you ever lost someone close to you?


21. If you are in a bad mood, do you prefer to be left alone or have someone to cheer you up?

Leave me alone. Otherwise my anger will escalate! 

22. Whats an ideal weekend for you?

Chores and church

23. What do you think of best friends of the opposite sex?

Best friends, no friends, yes

24. Do you judge a book by its cover?


25. Are you confrontational?

Confrontational? No, voice my opinion yes!

26. When was the last time you broke someones heart?


27. Would you relocate for love?

Where my husband goes, I go

28. Did you ever write a journal?

When I was younger yes, now blogging is so much better!

29. What are you most thankful for?

Family,friends, Jesus dying for my sins.

30. Do you believe in second chances?

Depends on situation

31. Whats the one thing that people always misunderstand about you?

My mental illness

32. What is your idea of a perfect vacation?

Cabin in the woods

33. What did your past relationship teach you?

It always hurts before it gets better. God,family,friends,yourself then everything after. Dating younger guys is a bad idea. He didn’t tell me that, I figured it out by myself.

34. What are your thoughts on online dating ?

I met one guy online we went on one date, my horse riding lesson, lol. And bowling he asked me out via text yeah unacceptable!

35. Whats on your bucket list this year?

To eventually ride a horse

36. When have you felt your biggest adrenaline rush?

When manic

37. What is the craziest thing youve ever done and would you do it again? 

Riding crazy barn sour horse. Yes, but with a helmet this time

38. If a genie granted you 3 wishes right now, what would you wish for?

1- all our bills to be paid off 

2- horses

3- no more mental illness and no medicine

39. Whats your biggest regret in life?

I have no regrets

40. What do you think about when youre by yourself?

By myself with a toddler? Haha! When I actually get me time I go to a quiet place at the local park in the woods to clear my head.

WOW! Police Say ” No”  When I asked To Give Evidence Of Pedo-Priest ..Refuse To Take a Report !

We need to stop this man! Let’s help our fellow blogger TJ in this! SPREAD THE WORD!!!

Hey Doc-Don't Label My Kid ! -- 4UR~CA$H

Well it’s no wonder the jackass is smiling in his pictures.

I just told the head detective in North Carolina and his area that I have the statement from the victim five other victims – plus two adults eyewitnesses and want him to take a report – and he refused.




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Day 27&28


Day 27: What makes me feel better, always:

Would be my son, talking to God, reading my Bible, Sunshine, Going on walks, Taking Pics.

Day 28: Last time I cried: HHHMMMM, I’m not really a cryer, so maybe 2-3 weeks ago? although I may cry Friday when my son goes in for surgery!

Day 24-26 ( oops behind)



Day 24) Difficult time in my life would be back in  2014, when I was real sick, and my husband, son, and I had to live with my in-laws for about 4 months. Then lived with my husbands grandma for a month, but for I could go back to our house.

Day 25) Best Physical Features would be my hair, smile, I maybe little but I’m very strong. Don’t under mistake a small girl/woman. I’ve handled big horses that want to pull you, but I hold on tight, and show them whose boss. I take no crap from anyone.

Day 26) Five Favorite Blogs:

  1. My Anxiety Blog
  2. Grandma Blog
  3. Famous in a Smalltown
  4. My Valentine’s Blog
  5. My first Blog

spike- Daily Prompt

via Daily Prompt: Spike

Spike, so things come to mind. One, I love when my son takes a bath, his hair is all wet getting out of the tube, and I spike his hair just for kicks, I want to send a pic. to my grandma-in-law which she doesn’t use her phone for that, so I’d have to go see, which we are soon! But Grandma hates when people spike their hair, but I don’t want to give the old lady a heart attack,lol.

Two, the word spike reminds me of playing volleyball at camp, and with the youth girls that I was their Bible Study leader. After classes we’d play volleyball at night, and the girls would spike the ball to the other team and visa versa.

Three, at prom we’d have to be careful that no one spiked the punch.

Day 22

My 10 fav songs:

I’m still a guy- Brad Paisley

He can’t bait a hook- Justin Moore

Soul on Fire- Third Day

Momentum- Toby Mac

Cinderella- Michael W Smith

Me and God- Josh Turner

Temperoary Home- Carrie Underwood 

Boot Scoot Boogy- Billy Ray Cyrus 

J Train- Toby Mac 

Butterfly Kisses- Bob Carlile 

Song Stuck to My Head

Miranda Lambert- Famous in A Smalltown

Reminds me of going to the Famous Smalltown, where my Aunt L lives, and where my Grandparents lived. Small town, big talk. I’m close with the kids I grew up down there with for the summers, I remember going down there for a sports camp, one girl braided my hair, we put make up on one of the male leaders, we sang Christmas Carols at a nursing home, for our “Christmas in July” themed camp. I remember moving G&G lawn. All the pups grandpa raised, bred his sheltie.

If we were late for church, every one looked at the front door, or side stairs to the sanctuary. Never knew anyone that went to jail down there. I don’t think they even have a jail for 100-200 people. Never once seen a cop car. The drive from my Aunt L’s to my G&G was maybe 5 mins, depending who was driving. Going to the dairy farm open fields, G&G W’s to G&G S’s is where we had dinner.

I can clearly remember the day I got the message from my boss told me my mom called, and I needed to go home for a family emergency. I knew I knew it was my Grandpa S, I had this bad feeling something happened to him, I cried the whole way home, about 30 mins, because he was sick and was recently at Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, when the tech asked if Gpa had had a heart attack because he had water around his heart, he replied no, he felt fine, but that my Gpa stubborn. Nothing bothered him, and never admitting pain. That morning we got the call, Gma called and said Gpa was up early in the morning to use the bathroom, when he returned to bed, he didn’t even make it back in bed, Gma, said wake up B, and no response just foamed mouth, sleeping soundly on the bed, but she knew he was gone to our Father in Heaven. Gpa was always the one you know you are always dragging him behind talking to strangers, not about anything, but sharing the Love of Christ and making sure they were saved, boy I wish I had his courageousness to do that.

Going on a missions trip is the only time I open up to strangers on the street, you heart is so fired up, but once we’re home, it tends to soften down. The missions trip I went on was in Tunica,MS. We slept in a camping based area, luckily we had bunk beds, running water and electricity. Not all mission trips do we get that. Our mission campus was in a bad neighborhood, I remember walking ministry day, and I walked with 2 of my best friends, tall, and scary looking men. Best bodyguards. We walked on one street where people were shooting up, and the guys didn’t want me to see it,and told me to cover my eyes to not let me see it. God, led us out of that situation to a park nearby where kids were playing basketball, we joined playing basketball, and the one boy took us to his house to talk to his dad,how wonderfully we got to witness to the dad and boy, and the dad even gave us waffles for breakfast. An amazing giving 3 white strangers into his home. This was a very bad area. In Mississippi they’ve richly white people side, and poor black people, so racist down there, why can’t we all get along? I’ve good friends that are black, I love this quote from Ducky from NCIS: “Black is just a color, we’re all red on the inside.” I have a brother half black/white, a brother whose half mexican/white, race doesn’t bother me, as long as you don’t hurt my family.

I love everyone! One day I want to do a missions trip in a foreign country to do medical aide. And one day to visit Jerusalem to walk where Jesus walked!

Day 20 & 21



20: Big 40! My son will be 13, oh  my a teenager, I thought 2’s were back

now a rebellious teenager, I don’t know. But I see myself, as a loving wife, comforting mother, living in a nice ranch, with horses, and acres of land so quiet, I can relax and walk in the deep words and talk to my Father. Married for 18 years to my husband/best friend til death do us part.

21: I miss riding with my best friend, but unfortunately, she moved 1,300 miles away. I miss my pony, her and I worked so well together, I never had to use my legs, she was very mouthed broke. I miss riding/running in the fields to release stress/anxiety. Or racing in the biggest pasture, or racing up hills. The good ol’ days! Oh when we were young!

He came back like a rolling thunder!!

The airwaves crackled with radio calls that day. A U.S. attack helicopter had been forced to crash land in the desert just north of Baghdad and about 20 soldiers, members of Delta Force, had arrived to help protect it and fly the wounded to safety… but the rescuers soon found themselves under heavy attack from al-Qaeda.

“Mayday, mayday!” was the frantic call for help. Mortars, rounds, RPG’s, and two trucks outfitted with machine guns headed their way… they were taking a beating and with no place to hide, the troops needed immediate help.

“We had called our people, our command, and requested tank support, helicopter support, anything to help us because we were being overrun,” the radioman later reported. “Nobody would help us. They couldn’t get in because it was too hot.”

Then, miraculously, Troy Gilbert appeared in his F-16.

Enemy forces were too close to civilians and US troops to bomb, so Gilbert dropped fast and low- to a mere 200 feet above the desert. His cockpit warning system blared into his headset, “Pull up, pull up, pull up!”

He did, but not until after he’d unloaded his six-barreled Gatling gun into a truck full of al-Qaeda fighters.

Gilbert screamed into a right turn and circled back to open up again, this time on the second truck. He fired two bursts at the second truck before pulling hard on the control stick to regain altitude… but it was too late.

His son, now 19, says, “He had to act quickly, and within a matter of seconds. Knowing him, there was no other option [but successfully completing his mission].”

The F-16 was pointing up when it slammed tail first into the ground less than a second after those gun bursts.

Air Force investigators said, “This motivation to immediately support friendly forces under fire produced a series of decisions and flight parameters that left little room for recovery on the first strafe pass, and no possibility of recovery on the second pass. Gilbert died because of his excessive motivation to succeed.”

In other words, Troy Gilbert made a choice that day to rescue his fellow Americans at the cost of his own life.

You may wonder why I’m telling you the story of Troy Gilbert on Easter and here’s why:

Somebody came after you.

Do you get that?

You were in dire straights, under attack, hopeless, stranded, abandoned by everyone else and doomed for a massive takedown by a ruthless enemy… and Someone came after you.

At the cost of His own life, he showed up to redeem yours.

Friends, that’s a big deal. I know sometimes we become so familiar with the facts of the gospel and going through religious motions that we forget what actually and really occurred. We forget how desperate we were and the Divine intervention… and cost… that was made on our behalf.

When feasting at the table of grace, we can forget the excruciating act of love done for an unknown struggler on the backside of the desert.

But I also know something else. I know that someone reading this still needs to be rescued. You are in that desert right now and the enemy is closing in. You’re a goner, an unknown, a hopeless one sending your “mayday, mayday!” with no one responding.

You aren’t sure God is on your side and you don’t know how to get His attention. You are bleeding out and no one cares. If you were to die tonight, you aren’t sure you’d go to heaven.

Friend, you can settle that right now. I can’t rescue you but I can tell you how to call out to the Redeemer who will. He is standing by, on the alert, scanning the skies and ready to swoop down just for you. Today, on this Easter Sunday, it is my joy and privilege to tell you how in 4 simple steps.

1. Acknowledge your need. Our universal problem isn’t ISIS, cancer, betrayal or our circumstances. It’s our own sin. Sin is what’s separated us from God and the consequences of sin is death. This means physical death but it also means spiritual death. (See Romans 6:23) Your sin is the biggest problem in your life, wreaking havoc… and it’s one you can’t deal with on your own.

2. Accept God’s provision for sin. God sent a perfect Redeemer to rescue you from sin. When you were without hope, separated from God, and doomed to an eternity in hell, God acted. Independent of you, He sent His one and only Son, Jesus Christ, to die in your place so that you could have His righteousness. Jesus willingly took your place. He is the only way to God because He is the only One who perfectly fulfilled the requirements of God on your behalf.

3. Place your full trust in Jesus Christ and what He did. John 3:16 says, “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.” God asks you to believe this amazing news! He doesn’t ask you to go to church, read your Bible, fast, pray, clean up your act or stand on your head in order to be rescued. He asks that you believe He is THAT good and THAT competent, that He singlehandedly accomplished everything on your behalf. This is amazing! The sad thing is, many people won’t believe it because they find it too simple.

4. Surrender your life to the Lordship of Christ. When Jesus becomes your rescuer, He also becomes your Lord. Just as a drowning person, we must relinquish control of our own lives in order to be rescued. Jesus will transfer you from the domain of darkness to the Kingdom of light, which means He doesn’t redeem you so you can build your own little castle and live life however you want. He redeems us that we may “declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.” (I Peter 2:9).

Romans 10:9 says, “If you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.”

Christianity isn’t just a fire insurance policy. It is a new life of following a new master (Jesus). We daily take up our cross and follow Him (Luke 9:23). If you are ready for this new life, simply call out to Him! He is near and ready to save. Acknowledge your need, accept God’s provision, place your trust in Christ, and surrender your life to Him.

Happy Easter my friend. My prayer is that today, each and every one reading this exults in the Greatest Rescue Mission of all time and the greatest victory He accomplished when He rose again. Praise GOD!!!

He Has Risen!!!#

After being beaten and crucified on the cross! My Jesus has risen from the dead, 3 days wholes in his hands, came back to Earth to take away our sins! Does miracles while he’s here until he’s lifted on a cloud back to Heaven to be with His Holy Father!!! He’s going to return soon!! 

John 3:16

Happy Easter!!!

Blessings by Laura Engall!

Who’s the disciplinary in the Family?

Is it the mother?

The father? 

Both parents?

If your child is hitting you,pinching you, punching you in the head? 

You or your spouse? Both? 

What are the discilpines? Grounded? Toys taken away? Playing outside? 

Age of child/children? 3-12 How would this be in your family? 

Or as a single parent?

Stay at home moms/dads?

Good Friday

Today, Christ is being beaten with whips for hours on end, he’s being spit on, name called, clothes ripped off, ppl chanting “kill him” because he said he was Jesus, son of God. Was made to carry his cross up a steep rocky hill while being beaten. When they got to the hill he was crowned with thorns pushed into his head, he was nailed to the cross feet crossed nail in the feet, nailed in both hands( these nails we like railroad tracks) they raised his cross up hanging there, they said do u want a drink? Which was on a sponge, he refused. They shoved a sword through his side through his rib cage and through his spleen. Leaving him to bleed and die, while his mother watched everything. Before Christ died his last words were “It is done!” 

John 3:16 & John 14:6

Day 14

U don’t want to know what’s in my purse, I don’t even know half the time lol. 

3 notebooks

Prayer journal, book(how to pray)

My small bible 

Anxiety verses in a photo holder 


Perfume, deodorant 

2 note pad, sticky notes

4 granola bars

4 pens, 2 highlighters, paperclip

2 small hand saniterz lotion, thermometer

2 medicines 

Culvers kid coupon

2 batman stickers, 1 dory sticker.  How does my son get stickers when I’m the patient? HHMMM!



Receipt from Oct lol


Blue tooth, Easter invitations, Cubbies patch, pottery clay( from church how God molds us)

And finally: KEYS!!!!

I’m like Mary Poppins, if you need it I’ve got it!!!!

Day 12

If I won the lottery:

1) ny husband’s grandma would have a flipping fit is she knew I played the lottery. 

2) depending on the amount, I’d buy a dog, horse, and run my horse business finally!!! 

3) I’d buy a ranch in the South! Where it’s warmer than here!!