Christmas is right around 29 days. 

Want your Christmas pics done soon and cheap! 

Email me at:
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    I am snapping lovely Christmas photos at my BEST prices, in time for your holiday feast. Stop looking for a Chicago IL, photo shoot because you’ve found your photographer.


    My rates come fast and cheap, but my family photos are premium quality. You’ll find my images below. Choose me for your photographer in Chicago and get my superior family memories for life.


    Specialized in:


    Family Photo’s


    Indoor and Outdoor Christmas Snaps


    Wedding and Prom


    About Ambersnaps: 


    My name is Amber, I’m 30 something, live in IL. And have a desire to take pics of everything and everyone including your four-legged pets. Exclusive for the holidays. I can do indoor and outdoor Christmas pictures at better prices than my competition.


    I look forward to talking to you by any of these methods:

    Christmas is almost here! If you wait, you’ll miss out on family memories. Contact me today!
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