SADS and Depression!

Tis the season for SADS and depression.
With my bipolar diagnosis, sometime I’m good, no feeling depressed, anxious, or depression which is awesome.

This last monthish i went into a small mania, called my doctor and had my medicine adjusted. Whats nice is I can tell when I feel the difference, and get the help I need right away.After.going through a small mania you go through a depression. Mine get even worse in the cold dark weather and the holidays.

My depression this time is kinda worse, with losing my best friend. She’s decided to stop talking to me and doesn’t welcome my son at her house anymore. I’ve with me all the time, being a stay at home mom your kids kinda go with you everywhere. When you can’t pay a babysitter or afford a daycare/outside preschool because you didn’t get approved for the


ee program


I don’t want to do anything but mopp around. Crying spells occasionnally. My son keeps me moving. I’m a senior companion they keep me moving too, so I don’t stay too much in a slump. I really enjoy their company too. My son goes with me which they enjoy. Shows him compassion too and how to treat his elders. Obeying parents not so much, lol. He doesn’t get the verse Ephesians 6:1- “Children obey your parents in the Lord for this is right!”

Hopefully this winter will pass fast!!!

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