Please Be Praying

I got a text from my dad saying his brother was in the ICU. I immediately jumped and called my dad. He said my uncle had a seizure.

My uncle texted me this morning, I thought it was kinda weird being in the ICU with a seizure to be texting and not remembering what happened to him. So I asked what the doctors said, and he said liver failure,which he just lost his girlfriend to back in May.

I don’t know if he’ll be eligable for a transplant, they say you’ve to be clean of substances for 6-12 months before being on a list, or is it to get the transplant? I don’t know, never had to be in that situation before, never do I ever want to be.

My uncle is 53, and never changed his ways once he turned 13, wrong crowd wrong time. Even being a great uncle having a blast in the summer at grandma’s pool. I loved how all the guys would make big waves in the pool and I told them to stop it was hard for me to swim, and I was getting water up my nose,lol. Did they listen? NO!!! I ended up throwing up my lunch in the pool, pay back!!!

My uncle continues to threaten to beat me horse racing, I always tell him “you can kiss my dust” , I can jump on my horse faster lol, cause I’m more advanced. I’m waiting for the day we get to race and I prove him right!




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