Good Bye

Memory, hello sticky notes and notepad for notes in the car when I remember something. For home for when I remember or write something down to ask my husband when he gets home. Otherwise if I don’t I’ll forget anything I need. Making lists for the kids school supplies will be like double checking 3 times. Making him lunch relooking 2 or 3 times to make sure I have everything.  

I know that pregnant woman have “the baby brain/pregnancy brain” but where’s my post baby memory. My mom always tells me we never have any memories after the baby comes because all our brain cells come with the baby, so they suck all our memory and energy out. Right? So true. But I can tell you everything about my 2010 car accident and my whole delivery of my son like it was yesterday. But to tell you why I’m in a room I couldn’t tell you what for or what day it is. What happened from 2012-today I can’t really tell you, I’ve been through so much and put on so many perscriptions its not even funny. Back in the day I could do a real long multiplication or division problem in a heartbeat now I can’t even add two  number to get 600 without writing the problem on a piece of paper. That was in 2007. 

I miss my memory. Please don’t leave forever, come back. 

7 thoughts on “Good Bye

  1. You will be fine…you remember how to effectively blog and be transparent. You have what it takes, girl. Some things are not worth remembering and we all forget to add things to a lunch, etc., God bless…Just never forget how much God loves you and He never forgets about you.

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