Dear Best Friends

R- I’m so proud of where we’ve come since the day we met. We’ve done so much together, you did my make up for my wedding, you chose me as a bridesmaid 3 years later, I’m grateful God put us together, wether we were playing with my pony or dressing up for weddings. I love you Salsa! 

S- Oh how I miss you and my Grace n Lou Lou. Thank you for being my big sister. And let me cry to you about anything. When I see my girls, I’m going to squeeze them so hard!!! And you too!!! 150 miles is too far to see u everyday! 

A&A- You and I are sisters from the same BIG mister in Heaven watching us one day we’ll be with Him and Belli-Button. You are my bigger sister I NEVER EVER HAD! And now I can tell on you and you get in trouble even if I started it HAHA! Being the oldest of 6 siblings, I’m always the one to blame. God put us together for a reason, to lift us up and cry on each others shoulders and of A for being my fav. 4 legged niece. We are going to compete her in agility and she going to fly high!!!

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