How Bad 48 Hours Turned Around

Friday and Saturday were very emotional days. Do I know why? No, other than I was hurt, totally tired and stressed. I thought I was losing my BFF, however its not like that. I thank God for helping us stay together. I cried thinking about losing her. Friday, was a busy day, I keep my son and I very busy to get away from anxiety and stress.

Saturday I was still crying at breakfast I felt everything I did was my fault for not being the best or doing things wrong. No one wants to feel that way ever! Then of course I watched a sad movie, which didn’t help lol. By afternoon my son was hitting and punching me, so I cried again, and my husband put my son in his room, when he came out to apologize to me, and I balled like someone died, I just cried asking him why he treats me bad, but never daddy. I held him tight.

By Saturday night I almost just stayed home from going out away from the stress and be alone, but I knew if I’d stay home, I’d just cry the whole time, which is never good. I took a nice hot shower before leaving which made me feel so much better. We all went to the tractor/truck pulls. I took pics and relaxed. At the last class, I had to pee,  lol. But after I didn’t go back and watch I went over to the country music and danced away. There was an older man grabbing a bunch of us woman, and we all kinda danced in a circle however we wanted to, it made!!!! Dancing helps release stress and is great exercise.

Sunday, my husband and son went to the in laws, which I went with my parents to a beautiful park to shoot some pics of my Aunt and Uncle, it was fun and nice weather for it too. Being in the sun was hot, and walking for 3 hours killed me, we were all covered in sweat! Hey what’s family for when you can put your armpits in their face. And my uncle said did u put deodorant on today? “I said yes I did” He asked the 4 hour lasting or the 24 hour” I said yes the 24  hour ding dong” I love family lol. That was the best day of my weekend.

Happy Monday All!

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