Pray for this man 

I’ve adopted this couple as my grandparents. I’ve known them for over 9 years, go to my church, Mrs p has been praying for me a lot. She just recently lost her mom at age 98. We all loved Mother deeply. So Mr p has been sick lately coughing having asthma symptoms. End of June he was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer, out of no where. I was heart broken the Drs did a biopsy June 30th and tests came back July 3rd its official stage 4 cancer. How does a completely healthy 60s something man no smoking and all of a sudden boom he’s got 4 stage cancer? I know everything happens in God’s timing sometimes I don’t understand. Just like everyone else. Of the last 4 years I’ve lost 5 ppl I dearly love. The day we took this pic I cried my eyes out, I’ve puffy eyes and a fake smile. But its in God’s hands and when he calls him home, I know he’s going to a better place!!! 

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