I don’t know!!

I don’t know if I should keep blogging. I’ve made a lot of great people, but social media is overwhelming me. But I want to write a blog about my adopted Grandma but first I need permission. And my big blog about my uncle. Any advice? Any blogs to write about? I need some help from my fellow followers!!!

9 thoughts on “I don’t know!!

  1. My thought is to figure out what social media actually works for you and cut way back on the one’s you don’t enjoy. I do my blog and Twitter and not a whole lot else. The connections are great, and I meet people who have the same interests, but I don’t go to where it’s a chore instead of a hobby.

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  2. Social media can be a full time job, and I’m not talking about the writing of your blog, just the tweeting, FB updates, reviewing and responding to the things other people post, etc. I try to read and comment on all of my correspondence once or twice a week, but stay strong those other days and concentrate on writing. Good luck!

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  3. social media is only as stressful as one makes it. i know, that sounds obvious. let me explain.

    i have be blogging for at least the past five years, all during some depth of a depressive cycle. when doing well, i put out a post a day. when, not doing well, i stop posting and pretty much stop replying to my blogger friend’s. i have one gap of 4 months and another gap in excess of a year. my energy went to survival mode and breathing. i couldn’t blog. asked midway through one of those gaps and i would have told you i wasn’t going back.

    guess what” i’m baaaaaack!

    show me the commandment that your suppose to post, daily, weekly monthly or some set period of time. you know what? it’s not the 11th, 12th or 13th commandment be cause there is no such commandment.

    if you’re feel the stress of having to produce another post, back off. you’ve got plenty of other stressors in your life than to add the stress of blogging, too. only post as often as it is healthy.

    if you drop out, i’ll understand. been there, done that, trying not to do right know. i will miss you because i love your life and your story. if so, after that, i hope you can write again and so i can continue to hear your story.

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