A Man in Uniform


  • Where to begin… My aspirations to be a police officer goes waaaay back to maybe first grade. All I ever wanted to be is a police officer. I professionally have never been issued a K9 however my Department has many K9 partners and have seen them in action. Our dept has drug enforcement dogs, explosive article search dogs, and a missing person / cadaver search dog. I’ve escorted dog handlers and their partners during area searches for dangerous or suicidal subjects. The majority of the time the search ended in the capture of the subject.

  • I’ve been a certified police officer for near close to 15 years now. I have pulled over off duty officers and provide them the same discretion as anyone else. I can say that other officers might give a little more discretion however only for minor infractions. If the off duty officer was DUI, I know that the officer would be charged.

  • My wife is also a police officer for another department while my uncle and cousin are also police officers. I would never discourage my son or daughter from being a police officer. I would only hope they think out whatever direction of career they choose.

  • I’ve been in many dangerous situations. Some of those situations have been arriving at scenes of homicides one of which involved the home invasion and multiple stabbing of a elderly subject. I’ve also responded to rapes of adults and children, shootings, suicides, fatal accidents, out of control fights and multiple numerous domestic situations.

  • As you can tell that this job can be stressful beyond belief. I combat the stress by participating in daily workouts, family time, travel, and rest. Even with a wife in the same profession we manage to leave work at work. After all of this, I can say I still love my job. It’s getting harder everyday. It seems like more people are challenging our authority everyday. I personally don’t ask for much from people, just that they relax and cooperate. If I do something wrong than their is a procedure in place to take care of that. I do a lot of traffic enforcement and about 98% of the time it ends in a quick warning. I don’t and never have liked issuing citations. The world is a hard enough place and people need to be reminded and educated on traffic safety not harassed.

  • The hardest part about learning to be a police officer is learning how to deal with the public. Knowing how to relate or communicate with people can be challenging. So many different personalities, cultures, races, languages, and thought processes it’s hard to process and teach to a new police officer. There are officers finishing a 30 plus career and still couldn’t figure out how to relate with the different people.

  • I for one keep a good open mind and try to relate as best as I can. It’s worked for me so far.

  • As far as shooting goes, I don’t hate shooting but I’m not a huge gun guy. I don’t shoot for fun however do shoot for training only. I’ve been on SWAT however have since switched to to the negotiations response team. I feel that people could be helped better sometimes through non violent endings however understand and accept that sometimes you have to take violent action to save others.

  • No one can say that this is an easy job. I do wear my body armor every shift. Never leave home without it. My goal is to finish my shift and make it home to be with my family.

  • Most officers are drawn to detective work. Being data driven workers, we all learn to use deductive reasoning to do our jobs, just like out of a Sherlock Homes novel. A patrolman starts a case and goes home while a detective constantly works a case till the end. It’s something that all of most officers have to do at some point in their careers.

  • We do have dedicated crime scene officers who usually respond to homicides or suspicious death investigations, major value burglaries if needed, shooting investigations to name a few. We also have street officers who have the ability to process smaller investigations as to not bother requesting a crime scene officer.

  •  I like to say my favorite part of this job is knowing that whenever possible I make people feel better after helping them. I’ve heard people say that a officers job isn’t done until they ticked someone off. I think that is silly and I personally and professionally strive to find solutions to problems instead of quick fixes. Oh and yes firemen and police get along great. We can give each other a hard time but all in good fun.

    All in all, this officer is out there to protect our lives, and help keep our community safe. I give him gratitude for what he does, and will do. I appreciate his dedication and hard work.


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