Sitting in line, okay standing in line for 15-20 mins is ridiculous! I’ve 5 things for my sister’s college graduation party cupcakes. 22 check out lanes and 6 self check outs only like 10 open,awesome!!! Happy Saturday All!!!

20 thoughts on “Wal-Mart

  1. It amazes me… they spend all that money outfitting 22 check out lanes and never have more than 3 open at a time. Sounds so wasteful to me. I hate going to walmart. I usually go early in the morning if I need to go there so I don’t have to be smacked with ignorance 10 fold.

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  2. So what is new… everyone thinks working at Walmart is the bottom of the chain..,

    So why are you surprised there is not enough workers.. would you work at Walmart.?????

    Cashiers at any retail store is so under appreciated and look down at as nobody important..

    Nobody realizes the very important role they play and just how needed they are …

    Have fun at your sisters graduation… anyways..

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