National Police Week!


I don’t know this police officer, but someone does, he’s someone’s son, father, husband, friend! Either way, respect him, and other first responders, they aren’t to harm you, but to protect you. Do they pull us over? Sure,why to protect us if we’ve a headlight out,so we can see at night when driving,so we can see other drivers and they can see us to avoid an accident. Speeding? Yes, to protect us from hurting other drivers or ourselves.

I wish there were officers who could pull over the drunk drivers before they kill others, is it the police? No, it’s the alchol in the drivers blood stream. The leagal alcohol point to drive is 0.008, if your level is 1 point higher you are legally drunk.

They are the first responders to a car accident, to help people out of their vehicals if they can, and keep them calm until the meds and firefighters get there. They’re there to defend you if it wasn’t your fault for the accident and take your report of what happened. I was hit by another car in 2010, who was the first on the scene? The police!! Did it help that she hit 4 other cars as well, and turned my vehicle 90 degrees and ended up missing 2 months of work from a fractured shoulder, that still hurts to this day, no? But they were there to ticket her, and get everyone’s statements from others in the accident and witnesses from the side.

They don’t use their guns to kill, they use them to protect themselves and their partners, and their K-9’s which is also their partners for life.

Let’s take a stand for our men and woman in all uniform not just today, everyday!

God Bless Them!

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