Dear Younger Me!

Dear Younger Me,

Where do I start? First I’d say look under your bed for old letters from your best friends. It’s hard to break up after your first boyfriend, who you wanted to marry, its pain and fast, you got so much going for you, he’s not worth it to be crying over to survive, hunny your “Knight in shining armor, ended up being alummin foil, you’ll find your Prince Charming will be wearing God’s Armour to protect you.

Have a little faith, and know the kids you grew up with won’t be there after 18, because you’re not too cool, to not be changing boyfriends everyday like underwear, too keep your self pure as long as you can, not drinking underage,or at all, no smoking, no kissing other girls, just be yourself its worth it! You’ll find better friends after marriage, doing bible studies with great Women Of God!

Each and everytime you have a fight, just assume your wrong and mom and dad are always right, because someday you’ll say/do exactly as they did, and still do. You’ve so much ahead you’ll have the best years in your life, when you find your spouse, who will love you through thick and thin. Thank Mr. Thompson for getting you out of your “comfort zone” without him you wouldn’t be so courageous and do “dangerous things” like riding crazy horses, going on a mission trip that you pray yourself to safety places. Talk to people you never know at parks, and take pics of strangers. Walk up to dogs you don’t even know, being bit by a dog at age 4, who bit through your skin and broke a vein in your arm, and being brave enough to have 18 stitches inside your arm to repair your vein and 4 big stitches on the outside of it.

When you get married mom will ask you if you want to remove the scar from your arm, and you say “No,because it has a story its been part of you for 18 years,why change now?” You will marry a uncondional loving man, through thick and thin. And have a beautiful child who yes, you will go through trials and tribulates but not fear God is with you even when you get diagnosed with mental illnesses, he’ll help you through the hard days.

Yes, you are going to loose your grandparents 6 years apart, and feel like you’re dying when grandpa dies,because you were so close to him, but remember the good days, when you’d spend the summer with him and grandma having the best times ever: feeding and playing with Patty’s puppies, naming the puppies (yes one of them I named Hercules, because he had a ‘H’ shaped on his forehead), having the “lawn mower lady”  stop over randomly, playing cards with grandma and grandpa(Skip-O and Uno) while watching Wheel of Fortune and lots of game shows. Letting you drive at 14 on the ole back gravel country roads. You make a great relationship between you and grandma when you’re 23, you call her every week or everyother week. She’s lonely now that Grandpa’s gone, she needs you. Now, she’s got cancer, and needs you even more than you know it.

She beats cancer,YES!!!! Cancer kiss this! She gets to meet her great-grandson when he’s 4 months, and will see him for another 14 months, at 18 months he’ll be kissing her in the hospital, and kissing her good-bye at her funeral, and still asks about her at 4 and you tell him everything about her. 4 years later you’re going to get the phone call that grandma is sick in the hospital and you tell your husband, it’s time to go see  her, no matter what, this could be the last at her age, we never know when we’re going to see our grandparents again, even if they’re released from the hospital, this time she won’t be coming home, in 16 days she’s going to be rejoicing and singing with Jesus and be reunited with Grandpa.

The days are short,remember to have fun,some days are long, but it’s always an hour or two ahead of time somewhere. Or hours ahead serving our country to protect our freedom and nation in hot weather wearing heavy gear, and hot clothes, along with their hot heavy boots, walking hours/days on end with no food, and not talking to family, or seeing family for months at a time, when you have the priviledge to do all these things in a day. Respect your elders, military, the law, others. Love people, no matter their situation/race/religion, show the love of Christ.

Your Older Self



3 thoughts on “Dear Younger Me!

  1. This is beautiful…..Often time it isn’t until we’re older that we realize our mistakes or the unknown and it is then that we cherish those memorable moments. Just think if we would have cherished each moment and were able to take ourselves advice in those actual moments… would be much different and we probably wouldn’t have as many regrets! Good thing we know God because he helps us through it all!

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