Dear Younger Sister

Dear Sister,

I know right now you’re in your rebelious stage of life, I was there too. But you’re hurting our family. Please don’t let your relationship with your boyfriend and moving out affect your relationship with your sisters, and our parents. I miss you, and I know what I did yesterday may’ve not been the brightest thing to do, but I did it out of love for you and our sister Liz on her day of gradution from college. Now she’s starting her new career in social working. And one day we all may not be living 15-30 mins from you.

When I was younger, that was what I wanted too,was to leave at 18 and get away from family, but I’m so glad I didn’t, yeah my relationship ended with the stupid boy, but you know I had our family to support me through thick and thin. We are always there for you and always be there for you no matter the choices you make. We love you and miss you very much. I hope some day you will see this, and start talking to us and seeing us, you’re really missing out on seeing your nephews grow up. One is about to start Pre School in August, the other will be 3 in Sept. I hope you come around to be there for them when they turn 3 and 5. You missed my birthday.

Mother’s Day is next Sunday, I hope you will see our mother and me on our special day. And the Sunday after is mom’s birthday, and I hope you will see her on her special day as well, and May 30th is the 3rd year anniversary of her mother being gone, I hope you understand we need you bad in the next couple weeks that you’d come around, with or without your boyfriend.

I love and miss you,

Your Older Wiser Sister


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