Day 20 & 21



20: Big 40! My son will be 13, oh  my a teenager, I thought 2’s were back

now a rebellious teenager, I don’t know. But I see myself, as a loving wife, comforting mother, living in a nice ranch, with horses, and acres of land so quiet, I can relax and walk in the deep words and talk to my Father. Married for 18 years to my husband/best friend til death do us part.

21: I miss riding with my best friend, but unfortunately, she moved 1,300 miles away. I miss my pony, her and I worked so well together, I never had to use my legs, she was very mouthed broke. I miss riding/running in the fields to release stress/anxiety. Or racing in the biggest pasture, or racing up hills. The good ol’ days! Oh when we were young!


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