Who’s the disciplinary in the Family?

Is it the mother?

The father? 

Both parents?

If your child is hitting you,pinching you, punching you in the head? 

You or your spouse? Both? 

What are the discilpines? Grounded? Toys taken away? Playing outside? 

Age of child/children? 3-12 How would this be in your family? 

Or as a single parent?

Stay at home moms/dads?


2 thoughts on “Who’s the disciplinary in the Family?

  1. In our family it is me that is the disciplinarian. Then my husband is second to bat if the kids have issue with what I say. Most of the time he has my back, so it works out well. My kids get grounded as well as having things taken away. Luckily I don’t have to be the bad guy too often, as my kids are pretty good. I seem to have the most problems out of my daughters, they are quite rebellious! Where my boys on the other hand, are pretty chill and have a healthy respect for authority.

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