Good Friday

Today, Christ is being beaten with whips for hours on end, he’s being spit on, name called, clothes ripped off, ppl chanting “kill him” because he said he was Jesus, son of God. Was made to carry his cross up a steep rocky hill while being beaten. When they got to the hill he was crowned with thorns pushed into his head, he was nailed to the cross feet crossed nail in the feet, nailed in both hands( these nails we like railroad tracks) they raised his cross up hanging there, they said do u want a drink? Which was on a sponge, he refused. They shoved a sword through his side through his rib cage and through his spleen. Leaving him to bleed and die, while his mother watched everything. Before Christ died his last words were “It is done!” 

John 3:16 & John 14:6


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