Day 4

Going to a private school when I graduated Kindergarten I wore a robe, cap w tassle, and got my first bible for graduating. And I remember my new school piblic this time 1st grade, my teacher was Ms. Lemon, 2nd grade was Mrs. Grzanich, 3rd grade was Mr. Thoms, 4th grade was Ms. I can’t remember,lol. And 5th grade was Mrs. Bazan and her husband was my PE teacher. After 5th grade I don’t remember my teachers because we started switching periods in that grade. Do you remember your teachers?


10 thoughts on “Day 4

  1. here we go

    k-Mrs. kameran
    1- mrs hayes
    2 mrs slade
    3- mrs lowenthal
    4- miss thompson
    5-miss thompson/mrs lafaunce (she married mid year)
    6 mrs combine
    (switch to periods-now most significant teacher)
    7 mr stephens
    8 ms lefevr
    9 mr fiest
    10 mrs biard
    11 mr fiest
    12 mr fiest

    period teacher are represented by 3 math, 2 science and one social studies, roughly my like distribution of my favorite subjects.

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  2. K- I have no idea
    1st- Mrs Bolinger
    2nd- Mrs. Thomas
    3rd- Mrs. Tam
    4th- Mrs, McGann
    5th- Mrs.Haag
    6th- Sister Francita (catholic school)
    7th- Sister Francita
    8th- Sister Kathaleen
    9th- Mrs. Hendershot
    10th- Mrs. Twigg
    11th- Pastor Carr (baptist school)
    12- Mr. Thomas

    Woah idk how I remember all that!

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  3. K4 – Mrs. Smith
    k5 – Mrs. Williams
    1- Mrs. Propst
    2 Mrs. Mercer
    3- Mrs. Kramer
    4- Mrs. Sibley
    5-Mrs. Stafford
    6 Miss Black
    7 Mr. Brown
    8 Mrs. Cheely
    9 Mr. Wiehl
    10 Ms. Allen
    11 Ms. Wiehl
    12 Mr. Wiehl
    Notable mention – Mr. Blakney, Mrs. Bowers, Ms. Strothers, Mr. Smyrnios, Mr. Battaglia

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