Zippity Doo Da 

Going to an unexpected appt today. Originally called for refill then I wanted to leave a message for a nurse for chest n stomach pain for 2 weeks and they said come in. They don’t like those symptoms. 

In bible study last night I cried I’m afraid I’m loosing my marriage. I’ve tried my best, when there’s no communication or affection it makes it so much harder. 


10 thoughts on “Zippity Doo Da 

  1. i can see why you’d be tearful. it sounds like your marriage is important to you. the thought of losing it is something that’s hard for you the fathom. may you find happiness where ever you go. sometimes that’s harder to see than others.


  2. Remember that marriage is a covenant promise made by the 2 of you before God and man. I would tell you to pray for your husband and your marriage and be very careful of the advice you listen to. I would seek God and ask His counsel on the matter. It is easy to throw in the towel. Your marriage is worth fighting for.

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