Daily Prompt- Symptom 

I have this consistent “symptom” that won’t go away. I know no one is medically inclined to give advice unless you’re a doctor. Anyways this symptom is constant pain under my left boob no bumps just pain, no reflux, and my chest gets tight. My dr. always says anxiety so they pump your blood with more pills. I’ve had every heart test done in the last 3 years. I’ve been told in my drs office I was tachycardia my heartrate was so fast they did an EKG in the office. I don’t know I don’t ever want to leave the house, I don’t know to reask my doctor to see the cardiologist or ride it out. Any ideas or suggestions?


One thought on “Daily Prompt- Symptom 

  1. Doesn’t sound to me like anxiety at all. I would continue to go to the doctor until they can figure out what it is. Maybe you are having side effects to all the combinations of all the meds they are giving you. Who knows. I always had weird side effects to medications. I am very sensitive to medications and only take one kind of med. for bipolar and one kind for anxiety now. I would eat TUMS. I do that. They help with a lot of things anyway. You are right I am definitely not a doctor… but just my thoughts. I hope something helps you soon as that sounds like a very uncomfortable thing to have to deal with.

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