Joyful Relaxing-

Aahh the whole day with just my family(3) of us. Hubby went to bible study at 7am of course LM woke up and said “Monmy the sun is up” I said “No son the sun hasn’t been up in a long long time please snuggle and go back to sleep?” Of course not. Wake up put cartoons on eat breakfast, hubbys home but needs to fix car goes gets lunch we all rest the rest of the day. 

I nap hubby naps, does LM? Noooo, he wakes he whining he wants to color- not in a coloring book- not in his homeschool book- not in a notebook, but from a drawing book, so I sit with him for an hour showing a 4 yr old how to draw a cat, tiger,owl, truck, helicopter, submarine, seamonster, owl, car….you name it we drew it.

Boy am I exhausted after a joyful relaxing day.


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