All day long, no make that a week long, and I didn’t even have to move off my couch, I’ve been trying to make an order on Amazon.com and I got an e-mail your order is confirmed and on its way. Then a day or two later, I get an e-mail a few e-mails saying ” your order has been declined please update your information and resubmit your order” so I e-mail back and forth Amazon, that I know I’ve activated my card and that it’s full balance. So, today I call them because e-mail is just too much like texting it’s better to talk on the PHONE, I know you 1995’s children don’t know what that is but when I grew up it hung on the wall. Anyways they called me, and she told me the card was declining not them. So I call the card company, which I get ” we are on a high call volume right now the next representative will be with you soon” no time of how long it’ll be or what number I’ll be next in line. I tried 3x’s each time I called I stayed on the line 10 mins!!!! I’ve run out of patience today. I called the bank that the gift card is connected to it’s not amazon declining my card it’s the sellers declining it because there’s no name on the Visa Gift Card. Ugh, all day for one simple phone call to the bank, thank you Mr. Steve from the bank. You might’ve just lowered my blood pressure, lol. Now waiting for the in laws to come over, story for another day. Have a good evening all.


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