March A-Z challenge Day 1-A

Anxiety, nothing scares you more when you have your first anxiety attack you think you’re dying or having a heart attack. Everything on your body hurts you feel like you can throw up. 

I was first diagnosed at 15 I was afraid to be left alone, I didn’t want to leave the house, I didn’t even want to do what I loved most ride horses. My doctor told me I had two choices either be a big girl and put my big pamties on and beat or be put on meds n see a shrink the rest of my life. I said no meds I’m beating this. All worked great until I had PPD when I had my son and 2 yrs later I went manic. It’s hertitory for me. After giving birth I was put on bloodpressure meds 3 days being out of the hospital my bp was 170/94 I was scared I was going to die again. 

Til tomorrow!


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