Monday Maniac Drivers

I was driving home last night from an appt, by myself, childless,WHOOT WHOOT!!! Anyways, there was this SUV type car behind me tail gaiting me for while, then he could pass, after he got further and further away I called 911, he passed 3 cars at a time one being a grain truck, he had to have been doing 80-90 miles on a state road. I never got his plate but described the car to a T and his plate description, and actually ended up getting his address. I want to sign to take him to court for tail gaiting and reckless driving. Anyone agree this man needs justice?

He’s lucky my son wasn’t in the car!!!!


3 thoughts on “Monday Maniac Drivers

  1. It’s so damn scary when these inconsiderate manic drive…

    Especially when you are trapped with no where to exit.. to avoid them..
    girl I’m with you… not driving is not an option in these times..
    so you have to do what you can to protect yourself one manic at a time

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