Invisible Disease plus hurt feelings

It hurts when you have a concussion and you’re laid up for a month or so then you get back to semi-normal but your body still hurts from the accident so you lay on the couch you’re more depressed you don’t eat you loose a lot of weight which makes you even weaker.

I can’t do dishes I can’t do laundry I sleep a lot which is sad. But then when you talk to your spouse he argures you need to push yourself more not rely on doctors and medicine to heal me he says ” like the dr said if you can find something I love and makes me happy I’ll need less medicine.” I said “I know one I can’t afford (🐎) and the other one he stops me from having n I said I can train it and he says train it to pee where in the toilet? In a certain spot in the house?” After that I just said I’m done talking no one has any faith in me I just need to get my strength back. Come on Spring! Tonight will be a no eatting and crying myself to sleep night. 

Good Weekend All!


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