January 12 2010

I remember I worked that morning, then on the way home I stopped and taught my student her piano lesson. That time my husband and I had been married 8 months, I was driving a Ford Explorer. Anyways left the lesson and headed home and picked up pizza, roads were clear, fair traffic driving a long.

And I see a car coming right at me so I swirved to the right to avoid her otherwise she would hit me head on, but she still hit me, she spun me 180° took my driver’s mirror off took my whole left side off, deployed my airbag,and left me in the middle of two lanes, I gunned it to the other side while calling 911. 

My husband texted me and said “door open” back when texting was legal, so when I didn’t respond he knew something was wrong. I took the ambulance to the hospital by the time I got there I was so confused. I called my boss the next day said I didn’t know when I’d be back with PT and trauma insurance totalled my vehicle I was sad to see it go 😞. I couldn’t drive by the accident scene for two weeeks unttil my husband was driving and made us go past it. Now I drive all the time sometimes goes through my mind mostly not. Just a memory. Oh yes she hit 3 other cars as well. Her insurance was going up! 😀


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