Dear Men

Please put the seat “DOWN” when you’re done peeing in the middle of the night or before leaving for work. Thanks to my dearing husband, I woke up one morning, and wasn’t exactly “awake” enough to pay attention after I sat at the hole was a bit bigger than usual in the toilet. So then I kinda squatted so I wasn’t in a deep hole where it’s hard and uncomfortable. I was awake by then. I texted my husband and said thank you for leaving the seat up” and he said “you’re welcome did you fall in” I said “no you jerk but it wasn’t a nice morning wake up call.” Then I continued my housework day.


3 thoughts on “Dear Men

  1. I walked into my appointment and had to pee before going in and went into the bathroom to find the toilet seat up. Ugh. I had to touch it. Then i lowered it to find it hosed with urine from the female squatters. I was so irked bc I can’t squat due to my quad weakness. Had to just wipe it off and pee. I felt totally contaminated.

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