Calling all Mamas/Dads

What disciplinary actions do you take when you have an abusive 4 yr old son? Only towards you and not Daddy. 


10 thoughts on “Calling all Mamas/Dads

  1. Depends on the action and how long it’s been going on. Anything physical gets a time out. Verbal I will ignore – like I will leave the room if I have to. If my Little Bear keeps pushing it, I start taking privileges away on top of the two mentioned methods. You’ll need Daddy on board with you on this one. You’ll need also need to give your kiddo a heads up before the next escapade that this is how it’s going to be from now on. After that it’s just sticking to your guns. It fucking sucks. =/ My youngest has an evil streak in him. I feel you.

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  2. Let’s not call him “abusive” because he is just four, after all! Let’s name specific behaviors. I’d assume that he’s hitting or something of that nature?
    First, I would assume that he’s doing it to you and not Dad because one of you is the “fun” parent and one of you is the “business” parent. I’m not going to guess which way that goes, but you need to even it out.
    Second, I would identify the specific requests that trigger the behavior. Doesn’t wanna put on a coat? Doesn’t wanna eat his green beans?
    And then… I’d make sure that request accompanies every “fun” thing a 4 year old could want to do. Wanna go to McDonalds? put on a coat. Wanna go to the zoo? Eat your green beans.
    And then, when he hits you… well, it’s really sad, but little boys who hit don’t get to go to the zoo. He stays home with one of you while the other one goes to the zoo with the other children. (Because they didn’t hit.)

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