Concussion Update

Still very tired, winter/depression doesn’t help that. My bruises are gone. Most of my fogginess is gone. Some memory is gone. But my MRI was totally normal. I saw my neurologist last week for follow up on migraines and TBI. He wants to run an EEG to make sure I’m not having seizures from the fall. Then the day after I saw my actual dr and he said I’m still a little dizzy but much much better!!!! I asked if I could drive he said “yes” then he said “let’s wait for the EEG results” this was Wed I said no you’re killing me I’ve a Christmas Lunch Party can I please drive, he said yes that’s it!” “I said thank you I won’t drive in the snow or anything else I promise I need to get out of my house and drive myself before I go crazy!” So son’s appt in the morning my EEG in the afternoon! Pray we don’t freeze our butts off.


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