I Found A Hero!

What age did you did decide to be a FF/EMT?

Why did you become a firefighter/EMT?

When did you first realize this is what you wanted to do?

Where do you expect to go after FF?

What education did it take?

What was you most exciting calls?

What type of emergencies are your favorite?

What has been your worst call?

What is the greatest thing about your job?

What is the worst thing about your job?

If married or have kids how does the shifts and stress of the job affect home life if any or just yours?

What advice would you give a new FF wanting to join the team?

Really I’ve know I’ve wanted to be a Firefighter all my life. My father, his brother, and my grandfather, (along with many other relatives) are all current and or retired firefighters so I really just grew up with it and never really wanted to do anything else.

Like I said, growing up it was just because I wanted to be like my father and other relatives. But when I finally started. I realized how big of an impact I can make on people and the community in this profession and that really became my driving force from there.

I’ve known that I wanted to do it all my life but really it was the first call I ever went on. It was just a simple fire alarm, ones that we go to nearly everyday and you don’t really do much except check the place out and help put the alarm back in service. But seeing the owners of the store thanking us just for being there if there was an actual emergency, really showed me the importance of the job.

I plan on hopefully doing this career as long as I can. I’m enjoying it way too much right now to even think about leaving. But while I’m still a Firefighter I would like to get more involved in teaching/instructing.

The basic requirements to be a Firefighter wasn’t too hard. It’s just a few classes and some State tests but I’ve taken a lot more classes after that to improve my knowledge base and hands on skills. There are some great classes both hands on and classroom portions to take all around.

My most exciting call would have to be my first Structure Fire. I’m fortunate enough to work with my dad on the same department. And we happened to be on the same rig the day I got to go to my first fire. As nerve-racking and exciting as it was I know I was a lot calmer just knowing I was with him going in with me.

My favorite emergencies to go to are Structure Fires. It’s very exhilarating to know that this is one of the most dangerous situations known to man and your the one they are calling to help fight it.

The worst call I’ve been to so far was a fatal car accident involving a kid I went to school with. I wasn’t very close with him but still seeing someone you know in that situation is hard. Unfortunately working in my hometown I know that I will most likely see more of that in the future.

The greatest thing about my job is knowing that when people call us, it’s the worst days of their lives. But just knowing that you might be able to help just one bit makes it all worth it.

The worst thing is seeing the pain. The good outweighs the bad in this job. But there are times and certain calls where they just get to you a little. Certain ones stay with you and hopefully your able to find a healthy way to deal with whatever stress you might have from it. But like I said the good moments in this job are worth every bit of the bad.

Not married or any kids of my own yet. But growing up as a child of the fire service also I can tell you I don’t think it affected my childhood or my parents marriage in a negative way. My father was in the fire service before he and my mother started dating so she was used to his schedule and everything and I never really knew anything different growing up. My dad still made nearly all of my sporting events and special dates with trades and what not. I actually enjoyed it because going to visit my dad at work was some of my best childhood memories. None of my other friends really got to say that with their dads offices or stores or wherever they worked.

The job is tough, there will be long days, sleepless nights, bad calls, hard training’s, holidays away from families. But if you buy into it, it’s the most rewarding job on earth and you will become part of the biggest family I know.


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