Horses are amazing creatures. I got the amazing experience to start riding when I was about 5-7ish every summer when our parents would take us to Kentucky for our summer trip, my great uncle had a horse,and I was allowed to ride his mare around mamaws front yard in circle walks. Until I was about 13 then he let me ride her alone up the mountain to the barn, I thought I was going to die! After that I started lessons here back at home. I started lessons about 15 at a saddlebred barn, where we rode saddle seat. To me these horses were GIANTS!!! I rode there for about 2 years until I met my friend.

I started riding with my friend,we’ll call her carebear, she had a horse(Hailey) and a pony (Taffy) she was a haflinger/shetland pony. AKA stubborn with a BIG attitude. So I dropped all lessons and we rode all the time, we rode the ditches, corn fields, we’d trailer to parks, we’d ride anywhere, we were adventurous. We’d go up to Starved Rock, Franklin Grove Park. We had the times of our lives riding in the snow, when it was hot as hatties, cold enough for frost bite, rain, you name it we rode in it. We loved to race! And my little pony always out beat the big horse!

Sadly, Carebear moved on the West Coast and left Taffy and I all alone in our lonesome little state. We moved her down the street with her new boyfriend Spirit. Eventually they fell in love. And Taffy and I would go out riding lonely, but still had the times of our lives. We showed several times at the local Plow Match. We beat all the big horses in the “Bribe your horse Race” that was always fun!

Sadly, I had to sell Taffy, I was getting too busy,and I was definitely out growing her. I could almost touch the ground,lol. But I sold her to a friend of mine, for her two girls to learn from her, she was always my real teacher. She taught me what I know today, and what I’ll always know. Is I’m the BOSS!  A year later though sadly she died of liver/kidney failure, I think of her often!

Being around and riding horses really helps release my stress, anxiety, depression,and I just feel all around peace. They are very therapeutic just as well as dogs and other animals. These ones are just a bit bigger,and you’ve show them who the boss is.


4 thoughts on “Horses

  1. Horse power got borrowed by the automobile industry, surely not for fun. They’re indeed extremely powerful, bearing their strength almost forever, and great ability to work in a group. Rarely does a horse bother another horse or be a nuisance of sorts… And the poor things stand for their whole life.. ‘As fit as a horse’ as they say! ❤

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