Every year my husband and I drive the senior citizens in the church bus to Rosemont, IL to the Hyatt Hotel for the Breakthough Urban Ministries. I usually joke with the “old folks” and make sure they’ve all taken their heart meds, blood pressure meds, insulin and anything else for “old folks” cause ain’t no one dying on my watch. I know some First Aid maintenance ie: checking blood pressure, checking heat beat, heart compression’s,I could inject insulin. But I really need to get my First Aid Certificate and CPR Aid so I can truly help them. I mean I’m going to start  traching but want to keep them alive on my watch. Although close enough to Chicago we could take them to Loyola Medical.

Anyways, this ministry is awesome, 25 years ago a lady founded it being a single mom out of a basement making it into a soup kitchen, which is now over a multi-million dollar facility. They take in homeless, abused, mentally ill in the inner city of Chicago called Garfield Park, you probably have heard of it on the news with shootings and the baby last year found in the lagoon literally out the founders window. They help men/women get back on their feet roughly 2-6 months some longer, but they help they establish a resume to get a job to make money to get back into a low income home. Free child care, free after school activities. The Chicago Cubs, Chicago Bulls, and another Chicago team I forget has donated sports equipment and what nots to them. Mens Wearhouse has donated a truck load of brand new clothes for the men for suits for job interviews. There is so much more to this ministry I can’t even explain. I love going every year to the banquet, great fun, great food, and incredible stories! Some tear jerking,some make you laugh! Oh, and the Children’s Choir is AMAZING!!!!!

Take a look for yourself:       who’s going to help donate today? Please if you donate leave me a comment below, amount isn’t necessary!

God Bless Each and Every One of You!


More Breakthrough Stories Coming through!!!!


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