Amazing Sunday!

Today, we went to church and we ran into a friend that we were in Sunday School with and passing in the halls here and there, no a big then, but this morning we ran into him and he had a baby with him, okay a 1 year old, but she was adorable, trust me I couldn’t take my eyes off her, lol. And I asked if she was his and he said yes finally after a year of not knowing and court issues. Anyways she was in a stroller and I asked if I could take her and hold her, he said yes, okay yes I’ve baby fever too, all woman do. So I pick her up and she snuggled right away. I took her into the sanctuary with my husband and I while her dad got her milk. My husband called me “crazy” but I was like get over it it’s a motherly instinct to help and hold babies. Anyways her dad came into service and I gave her to him, when she fussed to interrupt church I took her out to let him sit in service, I took her to the “”cry room” and she finished her bottle and discovered my necklaces, bad idea, right ladies? Anyways service ended we talked a bit and went and got my son from Sunday School.

After church my H,ML and I went to lunch, my husband and I had a little heated debate about meds, but I won cause I called my Nana and asked her who was right, and she said me, WINNER!!!!! Anyways come home slightly change clothes and I take LM to the park for his 4 year pics. I did them myself for free. YAY! We had an awesome time walking around the park aka pond. I took almost 100 shots it was 60 degrees out, leaves were beautiful colors, we talked to random people. I took shots of guys fishing, we found a free bobber in the lake, yes I got on the ground held onto weeds and got a bobber out of the lake, that’s the cowgirl in me! A guy stopped and asked if I needed help,I said nope I got it thanks! Don’t worry I won’t fall in. HA ya’ll! I never even got wet or dirt on me with boots, skinny jeans, and a dress sweater,lol!

After that we finished the LONG trail back up by the picnic area, where we found people talking, eatting, playing with their dogs, and LM ended up playing with the dogs for like thirty minutes so he had fun, I had fun, and I got great dog poses! It was a wonderful day!



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