I love my job!

Not a lot of people can say that! But, I do, I love both my jobs. My full-time job is taking care of my home and son. Come on mom’s being a mother is more than a full-time job it’s a 24/7/365 day job. No vacation, no time off,no bosses( you are the boss).

My second job, part-time, I love it I’m a telemarketer for a local photographer selling different photo sessions, I love talking to the kids( they’re excited to come take Senior Pics) the parents, some are comical with me others are I don’t want it no thank you, nothing you give me is going to get me into your studio( already then). I love my boss( not literally) I can crack jokes with him, and be sarcastic in a manly manner. I told him if he gives the sarcasm,I shove it right back. I had a call yesterday she totally wasn’t a Senior in High School, just a Senior Citizen, we laughed, I said well you can come in for your Senior Pictures anyways with any number you want next to you! The best thing I work with no one! I don’t have co workers I don’t like, or don’t want to work with! I’ve my own big office, own desk, own phone, it’s all mine!!! The office is def. quiet just my boss, me, and his mother! The most noise I hear is the train go by, or if the front door is open you can hear local or unlocal traffic go by. Literally 2 mins from my house. So awesome!


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