Never enough time in a day

Today totally felt like a Monday it sucked! So my son and I went to breakfast with a couple from church that I’ve adopted as grandparents. On the way I got confused with directions thank you invisible illness for memory loss. So I turned around and went the right way. Going down the road following a bobtailed semi, the driver swivered into on coming traffic, I gave them the benefit of the doubt maybe they were messing with the radio or what not but then he went into oncoming traffic for about a min that’s when I called 911 the truck had no plates and was red that’s all I knew. Dispatch was sending out a squad car. I called them back saying he was going N on the major road. I did my good deed for the day. 

We had breakfast when done I put my son’s and my crap in the car so my hands were free to visit Sandi their dog she goes everywhere,she got a cheeseburger, lol. Saw Sandi said our good byes.

Ok now to lunch with my mother in law so she could take LM with her to her house while I go to my 6 month follow up with my PCP. Oh wait, I locked my keys in my car, so now I get to call the non emergency to come unlock my car and still meet my mother in law so I called her and said cancel lunch I’ll bring LM there not knowning when the PD would be there, 20 mins he comes unlocks my car out fall my wallet and keys show him my license and off we go. WHEEE!!!

Get to my mother in laws and have 15 mins to eat and sit and pee lol. Then onto my next mission my doctors office and I get stopped by a train cool now I’m going to be late, made it barely on time, sit for 2 mins nurse takes me back does my vitals, wait for doctor, doc comes in we discuss meds listens to my heart, checks my thyroid, oders bloodwork and a new migraine med. I get my blood drawn and my BC shot and go get LM by this time it’s 3p.m. I sat a few with my mother in law and father in law while LM played outside with Papa. 

Now it’s 5p.m. I’m tired hungry getting cranky and a headache so we now have to stop at pharmacy for my med call H for dinner we decided on McD’s so I order then go to pay….oh wait for it! I left my debit card in my other purse CRAP!!!!!! So I go home liberally 5 mins away get my card and go back it’s now 7 p.m. get home eat, and now helping my H bleed his brakes it’s 8 p.m. yes it’s been a 10 hr run day after this it’s bedtime!!! Night all! I hope your day was better than mine!


2 thoughts on “Never enough time in a day

  1. Well good 😊 that you had a really full day..,now you are all worn out and will be able to sleep 😴 well…

    You are very energetic woman..
    and so sorry 😐 for your memory loss.. but hopefully it won’t progress..

    Goodnight 🌙😴.. sleep well…

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