Time Capsule- Dear Me

Did any of you do a time capsule back in school of what/where youd be 10-15 years or whatever down the road? Well I had an old friend/neighbor tell me she found mine at our 10 year class reunion at the bar and grabbed it for me, it goes like this:

May 2001

Dear Amber,

I think I’ll be a banker so I can be pretty rich. Yes I will go to college so I can learn how to be a banker. Yes,I most likely will graduate college. I will most likely not live in the same town anymore. I will most likely not to get married, having more interest in horses than boys. Least likely to have kids. Most likely I will still be friends with my friends now. I’m hoping to live in a mansion with all the money I make banking. Most likely I’ll be driving a gas fueled car. I’ll probably be paying $1 for a gallon of gas and $0.75 for a gallon of milk. My house will be heated by a fireplace, and I think only a few of my friends will graduate.

Amber H.


I used to live at this address and my phone # was.


Wow,totally not even close to my life 15 years later. Now,I’m a SAHM of a 4 yr old boy. I never went to college. I actually didn’t graduate with my class I was homeschooled 8th grade-graduate. Yes, I still live in the same small town of 7,200. Yes I married my husband( he was only my 2nd boyfriend) in 2009. I don’t talk to my classmates or former church friends they all decided to get drunk and have sex plus drunk makeout with same sex. I do not live in a mansion nor rich (which is why i blog,lol) I live in a two bedroom 1 bathroom ranch 1,200 sq ft. I def.drive a gas powered car with 4 doors. I’m paying almost $3/gl for gas but I’ve paid almost up to $5 when I was driving my SUV. We use a heating furnace for heat, no fire place unless I put it on the Roku App,LOL. I now pay $2-3/ gl of milk. I think majority of my class graduated 4 being pregnant I was there in the blechers. I didn’t think back then anyone would really be “famous” but one of classmates made it pretty good in school total football star,he was my neighbor and he was a hottie…SSSSHHHH don’t tell my husband. Even though this kid was mean in grade school to me he was pretty popular. Sadly, he died Sept 30 2013. I went to his funeral and stoid in line for 4 hrs to see him. He was a good guy,Alex Jensen will be missed.

Do you remember 15 years ago? Cause I sure didn’t! Have Fun!


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