Invisible Diseases!

Invisible diseases include: diabetes( but you see people checking their blood sugar and take insulin. But in reality that’s visible.

Here are the real invisible diseases:





Bi polar

If those of you  suffering with this disease you understand the daily battles, daily medication with a scroll of side effects.

If you haven’t been there or experienced it, don’t just us and this we’re psychotic we’re normal people with an invisible disease we don’t want it we don’t make it up its real and sometimes hereditary.

I was diagnosed with anxiety at age 15, but not medicated my doctor told me find a way to fix it or I’m going to have to someone for therapy and phycatrist,what I chose was to deep breathing, avoid things that made me anxious.

At 18 my anxiety and depression escalated were I gave in and saw a therapist who put me on Zoloft I took them a few times and I looked in the mirror one day and said pills aren’t going to solve my problems.

I gave birth to my son 4 years ago, when PPD started about 6 weeks and I went to one of the doctors in the office and she said you’re depressed I’m going to put you on Zoloft, I was like okay round 2 and she upped my blood pressure meds since I was hypertensive after delivery. 

So, I took one pill it made my heart race I was sweating so I said screw this I hate the side effects. Awhile down the road I saw my PCP and he said Zoloft again, but I said that medicine made my heart race and sweat,he said that was the anxiety and ignore the effects I’ll feel better soon. And it worked. But after 2 years I was good so I cold turkey cut my pills I hated the labeling, affects and everything else.

2 years ago I went cold turkey on my Zoloft and started St Johns Worts. Bad bad idea I went into manic mode and money spending I was paranoid, my PCP put me in the hospital and there I was diagnosed Bi Polar they gave me like 6 plus pills a day and sent home after 12 days of treatment Christmas Day. I was sent home with 10-12 pills I couldn’t drive and I had to do out patient therapy.

Please if you ever think of quitting your pills talk to your doctor or psychiatrist it is very unsafe to quit meds.

Today I’m on 4 pills plus thyroid because lithium affects  your thyroid and kidneys and liver. How fun right? I’ve good and bad days.

Reach out to people if you need help in case of an emergency call 911!!!


9 thoughts on “Invisible Diseases!

  1. Thanks for sharing a personal story. So sorry at what you went through. I know how crippling anxiety can be. My daughter has anxiety, started a couple years ago. Has tried different meds off and on. She is so sensitive to them. I think we need to try again.

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