So, I got to see my neurologist today, everything is normal, I’ve a brain, thanks for asking. I’m being put on a migraine “rescue” pill to help reduce them.

Anyways, in the waiting room, I felt like I was the youngest and didn’t belong- besides my son. These ladies are talking as they’re leaving the office and their conversation goes like this:

Lady #1 How are you feeling?

Lady #2 Not bad mom’s driving doc said I can drive in 3 weeks and getting out of my boot.

Lady #3: Yes,she doing pretty good.

Lady #1: I wish I could have better feet/legs so I can dance

Lady #2: You have to get off the stripper pole huh?

Lady#1: No, real dancing

Haha, that was funny, I suggested not the strip pole but sliding down a fire pole.

I get in odd conversations with older people. It was fun.


Oh,I love dancing, line dancing, slow dance, ball room( I want to learn)




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