July 2, 2016

Today, my son and I are going to see my grandparents, his brother/wife with their kids, my cousins. A few days before my mom asked if we wanted to go, and I said “yes” but always right before a long trip, knowing we wouldn’t be home until the 4th of July. And a garage sale four days after and I still had a lot of garage sale stuff to do. So, I dropped that project and started laundry and packing.

We stay the night with my parents Friday night, the night before, so we are there early, and I didn’t have to drive. So, we all piled in the van we as in: my mom, my dad, my sister, my 2 nephews (6 and 1), and my son and I. Going on a 6 hour drive. I embraced myself for any child drama, I brought coloring book, yes at my age I still color madulas, my laptop ,phone,and what not to avoid screaming children.Yep, that’s exactly what happened so I said screw this and fell asleep. My parents switched driving, so now mom is driving, as I doze back to sleep, I’m awoken by a loud noise, you know the shoulders of the road and the noise it makes it you go off the shoulder to wake you up if you’re tired, and drift into the should. Yeah, that one!

I woke up in a panic,my mom was saying”it won’t go” “it won’t start” the van wouldn’t start and mom felt it starting to act up so she pulled over. Dad woke up too, he looked under and around the van to diagnose the problem, not couldn’t figure it out. Great, now what we’re sitting on the side of the highway with crabby kids, its hot(thank goodness the front windows were down), so Dad starts calling tow trucks, I start looking on my phone for tow trucks, and we call, and NO ONE no one was opened for the holiday,FANTASTIC!

So, then I started calling Enterprises to get us a rental to be brought to us, I told them where we were and we needed a vehicle for people, including 2 car seats. Oh, yeah no one brings rentals to you, and you’re too far from our location. Cool, so we call and call and wait and wait. Oh, not to mention we are only an hour from my grandparents. Mom calls grandpa and said “we broke down can you come get us?” He said, “No, I don’t have enough room in my car.” Oh boy! So a bit goes by and Grandpa said he could bring my cousin with and they’d drive two cars. So since we couldn’t get a tow truck,my dad called 911. So the state highway patrol officer comes out to talk to us, he said “let me see if I can’t get a few officers out here.” Along comes the tow truck dad finally got a hold of, and two more state officers arrived, and they gave us a lift to a local hotel to hang out til Grandpa and my cousin got there. Dad went with the tow guy, my mom went with my younger nephew in one car, and my son, and nephew, and I rode in the other one. Very nice policemen, thank you Ohio State Highway Patrol Officers, and all other men/woman in uniform. Dad comes back with the tow truck and asked if mom or I had cash. Guess what? I was the only smart one to bring  cash.

I tell my dad here give this to the tow guy, and give him all of it I’ll give him a nice Holiday Tip for coming out on a holiday weekend, it was hot, and he probably had plans with family and friends. By the time we got to my grandparents (Welcome to Ohio) it was 9 pm, we left at 6 am, one long day, with two whining brats,my nephews. Of course everyone wants to go walk down the street to see fireworks, and I said no, and my mom and I got ready for bed. I had had enough excitement for one day; I was tired, exhausted, stressed. If you knew how stressed I was riding in a cop car from two years ago, you’d totally understand. We went to bed, and all way new the next day.


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