Throwback Friday

I’m going back to 2011, when I started a journal, but never really kept it up so my stories are all over the place, and in different journals. We’ll start with this story.

Sept 2011,

My husband and father in law left for Canada, and won’t be back for 10 days. I  hate being alone in the house that long, and especially at night. I’m used to a loud full house. Being the first of seven and then getting married and living with one person, gets lonely when you’re home alone. And boring. My sister is staying with me on a particular night.

The next day wasn’t so bad with my H gone. With no cell reception/contact for 10 days! I was working at the time and my boss asked me about my availability working hours being my H being gone and all I was really emotional with my hours already, but then to ask me to change again. Closing the store 3 nights a week and not able to spend enough time with H, it really is hard not to spend time with my H when we work opposite shifts, and don’t see each other except 2 nights a week. I’ll be able to leave work at 6:30pm, then I’ll be going riding with a friend, I should be relaxed enough after riding I’ll be able to sleep alone the second night he’s gone.

Day 3 of H being  gone.Sleeping alone all night was perfectly fine. I got up later than I wanted to, but got the trash out to the curb before the garbage truck came before heading to work, it was garbage day. My H usually takes out the trash before he going to work on Mondays, but since he’s in Canada fishing I had to do it. I going to teach a piano lesson today after work at one of my student’s house, and then head to my MIL’s house so she can do my hair, it desperately needs done. It’s a gloomy, chilly, rainy day. Makes me want to just sleep. 7 days til H’s is home, I’m anticipating his return. I hope he starts to spend more time with me, and be nicer, and more affectionate, I really need it. I can’t think of anything different since it’s bothering me so much. I rode Bahtalli last night with my friend. He was really hard mouthed, and kept pulling on my hands, he needs more work, and I’m willing to until I start having kids and can’t ride. (for those of you who know horses, you understand the frustration of a hard mouthed horse)

And that’s where I leave my H’s 10 day Canada fishing trip with his dad.




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