Our Losses

Our losses

We can lose change but we can get it back by working/looking under the couch cushions

We can lose hair but it comes back(usually or you have to wear a wig or scarf for cancer) that’s why they have rogaine for men and surgical procedures to add hair Dr. oh I can’t think of his name.

We can lose friends, even though it hurts we find other friends that see us for who we are.

We can lose our teeth, usually they grow back when you’re younger, when you’re older we’ve to pay an expensive dentist to make them and put them back in for us (dentures)

We can lose our keys, but we usually find them, two days later.

We can lose our memory and it sometimes will come back if we really think hard to remember. (yes, sometimes I walk into a room and forget what I’m in there for)

We can lose family whether their alive and on a crocked path, or God has taken his Child back and we can’t get those back because they are gone forever internally with Christ!

John 3:16 John 14:6 Romans 3:23

 Thank you Kevin for letting me tag along!


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