January 2016

On a January day right before my birthday, my life changed! So, here’s the deal I’m the oldest of 6 kids 3 bilogical sisters and an adoptive brother and sister. On this particular day my brother came home after being gone for five months. When he return my youngest biological sister moved out.

Now she hasn’t come back or visited for 8months. I saw her in June when she went to Chuck E Cheese for a family outting. She texts now and then but only to me since June I’ve got 3-5 texts from her and a visit finally last week. Sad, I know. She won’t talk to my parents or other siblings. And she works right down the street from my mom and dad doesn’t stop by on the way out or bring the kids she’s baby sitting over to play.

So on this January day she leaves to live with her boyfriend’s aunt. He helped her buy a car his aunt helped get license. Which my parent’s totally would’ve help with but she has no eyes of seeing it. 

I talked to my mom today like most days and she asked why my sister won’t talk to her see her return her texts or phones? My mom is very hurt and I don’t know how to answer her questions, because my sister has just abandoned her family. My mom’s not mad that she moved out or won’t come home she just wants her daughter to come back to the family.

Any suggestions????

Thank you all, good night!



2 thoughts on “January 2016

  1. Maybe something happen that hurt her, but she isn’t ready to talk about it. Just let her know that the whole family loves her and you guys are there whenever she’s ready to talk about it.


  2. Have you ever talked to her about why she doesn’t have anything to do with the rest of the family? In my family people stop talking to each other all of the time because someone always ends up doing something to upset someone else. Maybe something was done or said that hurt her or it could’ve been a huge misunderstanding.


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