My crazy weekend!

Friday was a relaxing night, thank goodness, because the next two days were going to be brutal. By brutal I mean exhausted, tired, crabby,  lol.

Saturday morning I wake up and go get breakfast for my LM and Hubby and myself. So I go to BK and order a meal for my H w/ a large black coffee, my meal I said medium coke, and then just the three French toast for my son. I go to pay and get our food, what do I get? A very tiny small coffee. And I say this is supposed to be large and the manager said I didn’t charge you large I didn’t hear you,so he gives me a large. Then he hands me the food and I said I’m missing my coke, and he went and got it, but did I get a medium? NO! He gives me a small,so I was like whatever I’ll deal with it cause I’m trying to quit pop.  That was on 9 a.m. 9 a.m. YA’LL!!!!

When I get home we eat, and then have to get ready to go to my FILs commissioners picnic at 12:00ish  an hour or more away! I was like great we’re going to be outside and my son will have to use a porter potty awesome, first time. Thank goodness we were in a small cafeteria for a summer camp so there was a real toilet, does my son want to use it? NO! He wants to pee in the woods,lol! Good boy! We did that ate lunch, took my son over to the little park they had there while he ran around  and played with new friends, and we got to swing on the big woodend swing canopy with two seats. That was relaxing. Except for the two obnoxious girls jumping on and off of it while my LM and I tried to swing. We go back over to the park, and I said I had to potty, and my LM said he wasn’t going with me, I said you are and you will,cause I’m not leaving you  here alone. So he screams the whole way back to the cafeteria thing. He won’t come in with me so I left him there to scream came to H that was close to the door and I said get your son, he’s screaming kicking the door everyone inside could hear him,so EMBARASSING!!!

We left the picnic place around 3p.m. the day ain’t even close to be over Ya’ll it’s just a driving break,lol. So we come home for literally 10 minutes to get a potty break warmer clothes, and head to the local fair to meet my family ( dads birthday outing) around 5:30 p.m. my son didn’t want to walk after you know we’re in their for a good fifteen minutes, and  I wasn’t going to get a stroller I said you’re almost 4 you can walk, if not we’ll go home. He straightens up and him and Daddy go find trucks, and tractors and what not while I hang out with my aunts, and a second cousin, you know us ladies, we got to shop the building get free samples and free stuff, I got my wedding ring cleaned for free, and slipped out without buy the product. We hobbled into one building from another, and before we knew it, it was 9 p.m., I was like this is my bedtime,lol. So I meet up with my H and LM and we rode the train that takes you in two circles around the big antique trucks, tractors, firetrucks and old machinery. Pretty cool. Then we made a bee line to the bathroom LM wanted to use my big potty not the kiddy toilet, so he pees all over the back of the toilet, I was laughing I told the lady I’m like you might want to clean that one out before someone else uses it. We wash hands and go out. Then we all made our way to the exit and our tradition is to get an Elephant Ear right before we leave. So we’re eating it and we see friend’s and their kids from church talked to them for awhile, looked at the two pigs outside, one was smart enough and turned on the water hose for water,hilarious. Finally, we’re walking to the car and someone yells my name “A” I was like no their calling someone else so I look back and it’s my cousin with his son and girlfriend so we talked to them for a few mins. and then finally hit the parking lot. We didn’t get home til after 10 p.m. Ya’ll, that was a long day! 14 hours!

Wake up Sunday morning to go to the bathroom it’s 8:30 a.m. and my H is already nagging my son and I never get up in time to go to church we’re always “late” I was like shut up and get ready, lol. He said I need to set an alarm, after you have kids you don’t use alarm they’re your alarm. So, I wake LM up and he said 2 more mins, lol. I said okay I was going to get ready and then he had to get up, eat breakfast, and take a bath. Then get dressed so we could go to Great-Grandma’s church at 11 a.m. an hour or so away. We get their in time “holy cow” I didn’t need an alarm to be early. We sat with my H grandma, his parents, and his sister. I got to hold my niece the whole time, she just turned 5 months. It was a good message on “Suffering” was about an hour then I went and picked up LM from nursery. We all went outside and let the boys play on the swings for a few minutes and then left to grandma’s of course my son had to have a melt down and ended up peeing his pants, so we stopped to change him, may I remind you GG lives 5 minutes from church. Get to GGs he walks in, in a longer t-shirt than apparently what he’s supposed to wear, my mother in law has to comment on everything how I dress my son, how his hair,yes he has a folic.

Anyways FIL cooks steaks on the grill and my MIL was inside, I tried to ignore her, she was in the kitchen most of the time anyways, lol. And my SIL was feeding the baby, little while longer, we all 10 of us sat around the table to eat. Of course kids are done before adults, and since I was done shortly after then they all wanted to go outside, so I went out and sat on a chair relaxing watching the boys have fun. Then about 30 mins. later it was time to leave and take our son to Cubbies back our church 30-45 mins away. Cubbies started at 5 p.m., my bible study started at 5:30 p.m.,so rush rush get him to his class, oh don’t forget the check for his year, then go back to the car grab my bag with my bible, paper, pens, highlighters, and was about to sit at 5:30 p.m. until 7 p.m. then went and go my son down the hall from cubbies before going home, oh wait there’s more, he peed his pants again!!!!

I was frustrated he didn’t tell anyone he had to go, so we went to the bathroom he was yelling really loud, being obnoxious as I was sitting on the floor trying to help him change, I was like you know what I can sit here all night if that’s what it takes to get you out of your wet pants. Finally, he changed, went home, stopped to get some late dinner, since we had a late lunch. Get home around 8:30-9 p.m. Again another 12 hour day. From walking the picnic, to walking the fair, and walking some on Sunday this is one sore mama. I got out of bed looking like an old lady trying to walk, lol. It was awesome, I’ve had my calves on a heating pad all day, my LM and I didn’t go ANYWHERE today. We watched TV and snuggled. I asked my son the other day for my brown blanket I use on the couch and he said ” What do you need mommy?” AWWWW….about broke my heart!

My ranting and raving is over for this weekend, more to come tomorrow. Good Night!


One thought on “My crazy weekend!

  1. Woooow! You have been a busy mom😛! I feel exausted with you just reading it! But it sound like you had a great time despite the little complications along the way. Your son sound like a great helper. Thanks for sharing.😃


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