I need your Advice!!!

So, next week I’m going to be interviewing a National Guard, any questions you can come up with or would liked asked and I can get the answer??


7 thoughts on “I need your Advice!!!

  1. Well, for starters ask them to tell you first what they do, etc. you will think of other things to ask once they get going. Out of curiosity, what do they cover? Since normally as far as most people know, their coverage is limited to our shorelines, but is there more than that? Do they monitor offshore threats and if so, what kind and how far out? Do inland threats also get considered and if so how far inland? What is the scariest assignment they’ve ever encountered, if they can talk about it? Are they comparable to shoreline policeman or are they considered military in the strictest sense? (some of these things I know the answer to) Are they their own entity or are they considered as part of or separate from the Navy or the Air Force? Or are they classified as a support system to the military? What is their training program like, and how long is it? Are they all required to learn how to fly or are there some that don’t? I hope that gives you something, if you haven’t already gotten your list of questions. Sorry but that’s all I could come up with. So much can be found online anymore, it’s hard to be original and sincere. Have fun!


  2. Sorry. I thought I read Coast Guard. I have egg on my face.
    Marines and National Guard were the first to be sent to Iraq and although they are called “weekend warriors”, many died there and were stationed there for anywhere from eighteen months to two years right off the bat. Some got to come back for short leaves and then turned around to go again. They seldom got to come home for long and many ended up divorced or severely traumatized. One question, do they think their training was adequate enough for the job? When they joined did they expect to actually have to go abroad. Many, I believe think their job is to guard the homeland, here, so I have often wondered that. I was the military liaison through Red Cross at the time and had to deliver messages to them or for them. I mostly worked with their families though. Did they feel ill equipped or prepared for the duty they got? I’m sure many will say that our government did them wrong and if so, how? Do they feel they are sufficiently supported by the public and our government? What needs to change and how, if they have any ideas. Is that better?


  3. 1. What is your personal view of martial law?
    2. On May 4, 1970, four unarmed students at Kent State University in Kent Ohio were killed by National guard gunfire. What would be your position on that incident?
    3. What determines an unlawful order and how does one make a split second decision concerning the legality of any order?
    4. If you could make one change to the uniform worn by the guard, what would it be?


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