Happy Birthday to my goofy/embarrassing/loving father (9-9-?)

Happy Birthday to my loving father. It has been some crazy 29 years with you. We’ve had our good times and bad times. Laughing moments, and crying moments. I can talk to my dad about anything from being angry w/ my husband, to bills ,to health issues. I’m an identical twin to him when it comes to health problems, thanks Dad! I remember my 17-19 years were bad and I thought he was the worst father ever. I wanted a new one. But come to find out he was really helping me, by getting me out of a big car payments I probably couldn’t paid. He loves to take pics and so do I do, I took this beautiful pic on our crazy 4th of July weekend…another story later. I love my dad we’ve the best relationship. Happy Birthday Dad enjoy being 50 something! Even though you’re still 21 at heart.


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