9/11- A day to remember, and never forgotten-Thank you first responders

9/11/2001 I was in 7th grade science when the school turned on all the TV news, I thought it was a privilege to have TV on, we were going to watch a movie or something. Except what we saw was not a movie at all, it was the Twin Towers, The Pentagon and two other planes attacking us. School was just beginning for the day. We had just settled into maybe our 2nd period class.


After coming home, and watching TV I read the big bold red letter: Terror Attack in Washington. I was scared thinking what’s next,whose next. Learning more and more about this attack I wanted to know who did this, and we’ve to stop him. I had no power being 14. That night my friends and I went to a local church with a bunch of teens just crying and praying for the victims families, firefighters and whoever was involved.

9/11 is also my Grandmother- in – laws Birthday she’ll be 86 tomorrow. And a friend of mines birthday.

But that doesn’t matter, what I want to say is THANKS YOU: 9-1-1 operators for keeping everyone calm even though the call logs were so high, firefighters for going into a burning building try to save/saving people that day, paramedics for attending to the hurt victims and protecting others from getting injured, police officers for trying to calm the streets and helping rescue victims, thank you volunteers who risked their own lives to help complete strangers. Thank you military for going in for rescue too,and everyone who helped clean up.

My Uncle is a firefighter here locally, I remember saying he was going to Washington to help rescue and do whatever he could. I was scared I was going to lose my Uncle, but his work schedule didn’t work for him to go, Thank You God! I still have my uncle here.

Thank you all Military for fighting in Afghanistan and Pakistan for us,RIP for the fallen ones. If you don’t support the military/the USA flag, you can stand in front of our military line. Thank you Military men for sniper hunting Osama Bin Laden and many others to come. Thank you Thank you, words can’t express my gratitude!!




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