Being a Mom is exhausting(ect.) but when mommy doesn’t feel good….

When mommy is sick it’s really hard not to fall asleep or want to get up and help the toddler after he poops in his toilet seat. Its been one exhausting day, Thank God my husband is home on vacation and was able to drive me to the doctors today. I wasn’t planning on going for another month for a 6 month check up (never fails) so instead of the ER option I chose to call my doctor, and they said come in but if worse go to the ER. So I see the dr,not my dr cause he’s always booked unless you schedule two weeks or so in advance, that’s why I like him, he amazing. Anyways I saw the AP nurse I explained I’ve had nausea for 2 days. Dizzy,lightheaded,abdominal pain,  and blurred vision for two weeks along with my killer headaches/migraines. I told her about my migraine the other day was in my eye and my face was numb.   She said “Why didn’t you go to the ER then?” I said I knew I didn’t have a stroke cause I can talk,smile,and my arm isn’t numb. Silly doctor,lol.

So she did a urine analyst to rule out UTI (don’t all of us mothers  love those?) and pregnancy too, cause when she was feeling my stomach and listening I said “You better not tell me you hear a baby moving.” I’ve been on the shot a year and no periods, I don’t want a surprise. I want another yes, but not now!!!! She ran a bunch of bloodwork and ordered a CT scan to determine diagnosis. After an hour in the office my husband stopped at a local farm store for car parts, then he stopped at an Advanced Autos for more parts, I was like I just want to be home and lay down.

Oh, then don’t forget now we need dinner and he already promised our son ice cream, so we have dinner and ice cream, head home, had to stop at my parents because my son left his stuffed dog (Daphney) at their house Tuesday, and she goes with us everywhere. So I grabbed her as quickly as I could and went left, stopped to get my refill meds of other meds and my new med she put me on, and then 10 mins later finally home. All in all we ended up being gone 6 hours. Wow! 6 hours for a doctors visit, oh I forgot to mention the dr is an hour away.

End of my day journey, off to rest for this mama, and to start again tomorrow another day.

Goodnight Mommies!


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