A day of freedom

A day or so from now my uncle will finally be free from the warden and life behind bars! Finally it’s been so long I miss him, even writting to him in jail was nice to stay connected also the writting is theraputic and I got to learn about him like his fav food fav music his birthday just ideas to keep us connected and know more of each other, when he comes home he says we’re going to race horses. I’ve told him already to eat my dust! Soon I’ll have a more def of his story and how he came to accept Christ into his heart.

John 14:6



2 thoughts on “A day of freedom

  1. I’m happy to hear he is coming home. There’s more good news! I nominated you for sunshine award! To accept go to link homemakersunited.wordpress.com/2016/09/02/sunshine-blogger-award/

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