Best relaxing morning ever!!!

Daily Prompt: Witness

My dad is an electronic junkie,lol! He loves taking pics. I don’t know how many we have of my siblings and I, or family pictures. So he’s on a photography group and they meet up and take pics. at various locations,some with models some without. This particular  morning he asked if I wanted to go shoot some pics with him for a sunrise shot. I was thinking are you nuts? You want me to be up at 3:30am dressed and ready in 30 mins which of course I can. So yes,obviously I got up and went with him. We went to a lake in Palos Heights,IL there was about 10 or so other photographers. We started at 5am and started shooting until the sun was full up and shining around 10am.

It was amazing how God designed the sun to rise, and different formalities of how it comes up and in different places and what effects you can get off the lake. We saw many many ducks, a frog, and a beaver. Not everyday does someone see the sunrise unless you work crazy hours. But we all get to see the moon go down at night, yes I want to do a moon set one night. My son loves the moon, every night he says “Goodnight Moon” and he loves to lay on a blanket in the yard and watch the moon at night.

Since going out that morning with my dad I have been the camera queen when my son, husband, and I go out to places like the zoo,park,museums,car shows,the fair is coming up I’ll probably be the paparazzi taking pics of everything! I’m trying to buy a photo album and blogging to get myself out there to get a job in journalism.

Tell me what you think of this pic!


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